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Actors who I believe could play Lex Luthor.

Honorable Mentions: Hugo Weaving.

Known for: The Matrix (1999), Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002), and V For Vendetta (2005).

He was my choice to play Lex along time ago.

#5 Daniel Day Lewis.

Known for: Gangs Of New York (2002), There Will Be Blood (2007), and Lincoln (2012).

Reason: He's a great actor, and he's played a great villain before. Not to mention he can pull off a very convincing american accent.

#4 Jason Isaacs.

Known for: The Patriot (2000), Black Hawk Down (2001) and Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (2003).

Reason: When he's bald he looks like the Lex Luthor from the comics. He can do bad guy pretty well so why not?

#3 Bryan Cranston.

Known for: Malcolm In The Middle (199 - 2005), Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013), and Total Recall (2012).

Reason: I know your'e watching Kayleb Gordon. Before you give me shit. Just hear me out. Would I prefer him as Commissioner Gordon? Yes. Would I prefer someone in their late 40s or early 50s? Yes. But you could do much worse than a Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor. He's a great actor and he can do anything.

#2 Mark Strong.

Known for: Kick Ass (2010), Green Lantern (2011), and Zero Dark Thirty (2013).

Reason: I know he was Sinestro, but I don't care. After watching Kick Ass he would nail this role.

#1 Billy Zane.

Known for: Tombstone (1993), Demon Knight (1995), and Zoolander (2001).

Reason: Well he looks the animated series version. After watching Demon Knight he can play a charismatic figure but in the shadows some who is cold and maniacal/terrifying figure. Not to mention his voice sounds like Clancy Brown.

Now keep in mind this my list not yours. If you disagree that's cool as long as your respectful. Who would you like to see play Lex Luthor?


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