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Actors who I believe could play The Joker.

#5 Vicent Cassel.

Known for: La Haine (1995) Shrek (2001), and Black Swan (2010).

Reason: Well he's played a pyscho before.

#4 Tim Roth.

Known for: Reservoir Dogs (1993), Pulp Fiction (1994), Planet Of The Apes (2001).

Reason: He's a great actor and Reservoir Dogs really convinced me he would make a great Joker.

#3 Sam Rockwell.

Known for: The Green Mile (1999), Moon (2009), and Seven Psychopaths (2012).

Reason: If you've seen The Green Mile you'll know what I mean.

#2 Robert Knepper.

Known for: Prison Break (2005 - 2009), Hitman (2007), and Transporter 3 (2007).

Reason: Just watch Prison Break.

#1 Crispin Glover.

Known for: Back To The Future (1985), Charlie's Angels (2000), and Willard (2003).

Reason: I mean come on he's basically the Joker in real life. He's played creepy before. Just watch Willard or Charlie's Angles. And come on, he looks great in make up.


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