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Original is better than a copy of anything.
Jenae Myers

There's an unlimited supply of creativity, so why do we remake movies so often? I see that there are many "classic" movies but that doesn't mean you're remake will be a classic. We should use our creative energy to make a better movie instead of wasting our time trying to outdo an original.

Picture this:

Hidden Cities in the clouds. The cities travel around the world, connecting with other cities in the clouds at times. Allowing people to travel to new places, meeting new people. Rainbows are the way the rulers of this world travel?

A girl from the clouds falls out of the sky, into our world. On her journey chasing clouds, she meets all sorts of interesting people. Many of them even join her as she tries to find her families cloud. Travelling all over the world, she gets the chance to experience the world beneath her feet...

Of course she will face challenges along her way. Similar challenges that we all face day to day, such as weather and money. She has never experienced these before because in her world none of those exist. Her world is very artistic, loving, beautiful (like nothing you've seen before!), and advanced.

It's a rough draft but I trust you all can see my vision, more or less. I see a future filled of movies that are unique. Movies that test the boundaries of reality, broadening the mind of the viewer. Leading us into the 22nd century of the entertainment industry.

- Jenae Myers


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