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Coming off of Part 1 of the new Batman. He managed to fight off the mind games of Hugo Strange and the Riddler with the help of friend Harvey Dent, who's friendship becomes stronger throughout the movie. While it's near the height of Batman's career, he's still in his "younger" years even being portrayed by 41 year old Ben Affleck.

With Gotham City saved once again. here comes the next set of villains: Scarecrow and Poison Ivy.

Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Andy Serkis) is the film's main villain using his toxins and outfit to instill fear into his 'test subjects'

Meanwhile on the streets of Gotham, Batman is doing the usual fighting crime but he and Jezebel's relationship are starting to get stonger.

Poison Ivy is going to play the reoccurring villain throughout the movie as she is already established and Scarecrow comes into the picture later on.


Setting is Arkham. Scarecrow is in prison gear and handcuffs being escorted to a jail cell. His cellmate eventually reveals himself to be the 'test subject' at the beginning of the movie when Scarecrow was introduced. You don't see the mystery man's face, but the scene alone tells you that this isn't the last time you'll see Scarecrow or the mystery man.


The scene opens up in a courtroom. Harvey Dent (Joel Edgerton) is present in the scene. The criminal [revealed to be Sal Maroni] is on trial. He's trying his absolute best in order to lock Maroni away for good.

After a short 5 minute long sentencing/hearing scene, the officers walk Maroni away when they pass Dent. Maroni slips out a vile of acid and throws it onto Dent's face. The scene ends with Dent falling to the floor screaming profusely. The scene cuts to black as you can still hear Dent's screams.


Aside from the film's already established cast, new additions are only going to be posted:

Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow: Andy Serkis

This is an extremely interesting choice in my opinion. I'm taking this from a motion-capture standpoint. When Scarecrow turns into one of those creatures when the the person gets exposed to the toxins, that can be Serkis in motion-capture. It can work! Serkis is a phenomenal actor and can bring something new to the role.

Dr. Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy: Eva Green

Eva Green gives off that villainous look. She has the chops in order to redeem the character of Poison Ivy and really make her cool to watch. EVA GREEN FOR POISON IVY.


At this point with Ivy taken down by the team of Batman/Dent/Gordon, after she gets caught up by her own intentions and eventually kills herself without knowing it while seeking out a bigger plan to preserve the ecosystem.

After Dent has been severely burned by the acid on his face...ahh you know where this is going.

How'd you like that sequel? I didn't go into to much detail but use your imagination to fill in the blanks. What'd you think of the plot? fancast? mid/post credit scenes setting up future movies?

Stay tuned for the 3rd movie in this epic franchise!


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