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Jeremy Campbell is a director that I have followed since screening the 2012 short film “Velvet Vengeance”. He has since taken that short concept and weaved it into a complex multifaceted action-horror. “Velvet Vengeance” is a modern blend of grindhouse, thriller, and neo-western styles in a new re-emerging subgenre known as action-horror.

“Velvet Vengeance” holds its premiere on October 19th at DOA Bloodbath Film Festival. So with the upcoming premiere date set, and filming almost complete on the film I decided to ask Jeremy Campbell –’where the film was at?’ It has been awhile since I interviewed him, February actually. I have been keeping up with most of the films progress but I want to see what Campbell has to say about his “baby” and his future. (read the interview at the following link:


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