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As a Contributor to Moviepilot for about 4-5 months now I read a lot of other peoples articles to help me decide on what direction to go in my writing next. I noticed lately that a few posts are about the inclusion or lack thereof of minorities in movies. I have to agree that there aren't a lot now, but there have been in the past which weren't well received for one reason or another. So, I looked through my own comic collection and came up with this top 10 list of characters (Including real name, linage, and origin/background info) I want to see made into minority-led movies or TV shows. My list is as follows:

1. Steel

John Henry Irons (African-American) - He was a construction worker saved by Superman, who created a suit of Armor and fought Bad guys as "Man of Steel", following Superman's death. Name shortened to Steel by Superman himself following his re-birth. I know this was already a movie starring Shaq, but I think it needs a Re-Boot as I'm sure most people will agree.

2. Spiderman 2099

Miguel O'Hara (Mexican-American) - He worked at a corporation doing Genetic research and was tricked by his boss into becoming an Addict. He uses his DNA from before he was addicted in order to be cured, but his assistant mixes half his DNA with half Spider DNA making him Spiderman.

3. The Ray

Lucien Gates (Korean-American) - He is a San Diego County Lifeguard who is accidentally hit by a particle beam fired from a Solar energy Cannon over 200 miles away.

4. Deathlok

Michael Collins (African-American) - He is a Pacifist who is sedated by his boss and has his brain implanted into a Cyborg body because he finds out about the program.

5. Night Thrasher

Dwayne Taylor (African-American) - He sees his wealthy parents murdered in New York as a boy and then hones himself into a Human fighting machine before discovering that his adoptive parents are the ones who killed his real parents. He is basically Batman if he had been raised by Ra's Al Ghul.

6. Red Sonja

Sonja (Irish/Scottish) - She is a swords-woman from Conan the Barbarian's time who is given unparallelled fighting skill by a Goddess at 17 years old after her family are murdered in front of her and she is raped. She may be an ancestress of Mary Jane Watson since she switches spirits with her on two separate occasions.

7. The Jaguar

Maria De Guzman (Brazilian) - She receives her Mystical powers from her aunt after they go through an ancient ritual and her aunt is killed. She is part of a long line of Protectors of the rain forest even though she lives in the U.S. now. Her back story is similar to Black Panther's.

8. Shadow man

Michael LeRoi (African-American) - He is from New Orleans. His Family are killed in a head-on collision with a Semi, but he survives and since he has amnesia he is taken advantage of and made into an assassin, but a Voodoo Priestess finds him and sets him free after implanting an artifact into his chest that lets him travel between lightside and darkside. Darkside is where everyone goes to wait for judgement after they die.

9. Lady Death

Hope (Swedish) - She was the Human daughter of a Fallen Angel (her father) and a human whose bloodline is so pure it reaches all the way to Heaven (her Mother). She is accused of being a witch because of events her Father set in motion and she becomes a Demi-Goddess after reciting a spell she had heard her father say in order to spare her life.

10. X-Men 2099

There are 11 main members of the group and I have only listed names and ancestry so as to save space. They are:

1. Desert Ghost-Xi'an chi Xan (Vietnamese),
2. Skullfire-Timothy Fitzgerald (Irish-American),
3. Bloodhawk-Lemuel Krug (German-American),
4. Meanstreak-Henri Huang (Chinese-American),
5. Metalhead-Edward Van Beethoveen-Osako (German-American),
6. Cerebra-Shakti Haddad (Israeli),
7. Krystalin-Ruth Kirsten Porter-Ogada (Japanese-American),
8. Junkpile-He is an Android, so the part could go to anyone,
9. La Lunatica-No name given (Hispanic/Latino Actress),
10. Serpentina-Kimberly Kristine Potters (English),
11. Sham-Diamanda Lasalle (French).

There you have them, folks. My list of top 10 comics I would like to see made into movies or TV shows. Have you heard of any of these characters? Do you know of an actor that would be good for any of these roles? Did I leave out a character that you think might be better suited to the big or small screen? comment below and as always follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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