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Jessica Harmon

A new mish-mash of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings is headed to our DVD stores (wait.. do they even still exist!?) come May 2014. Titled Curse of the Dragon Slayer, it looks to be an effects-driven adventure film that, welcomingly, handballs a woman another 'unstoppable action heroine' role.

According to the press release, the film goes a little like this : "Keltus, a knight of the ruling Order is on the trail of the Shadow Cabal -- a group of Orc cultists. When his leads run cold, he must team up with an elf bounty hunter, Nemyt, and an infamous orc raider, Kullimon, to infiltrate the Shadow and try to thwart their evil purpose -- to unleash the God of the Undead."

More on Curse of the Dragon Slayer as it comes to hand!


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