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The ultimate fangirl - spends most nights watching back-to-back old Buffy episosdes and complaining about being tired for work the next day.
Jessica Harmon

Taking a page out of Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron's 'How to make the transition look easy' manual, model Alyssa Jacobsen makes her feature film debut next month in the Tolkien tribute Rise of the Fellowship.

The Hollywood-based model has a lead role in the film, directed by Ron Newcomb and also starring Justin Moe and Emma Earnest, playing the object of the lead character's (played by Moe) affection.

In-demand model Alyssa Jacobsen, whose exquisite looks have graced many a pictorial gallery, makes her feature film debut as 'Lisa'.

Rise of the Fellowship,says the press release, is a comedy/adventure about a group of Lord of the Rings fans - who spend most of their days playing the online Lord of the Rings game - that embark on their own adventure.

Sounds very Goonies-ish!

Rise of the Fellowship is released in early December, to coincide with the release of fellow 'Rings' film The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug.


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