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Michael DeSouza

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will most likely bring in the most money next year if not Guardians of the Galaxy- let's see what we are gonna get from our Green menace. In the above picture you see an enhanced photo of the poster recently released which shows the villains of the upcoming superhero flick. If you look extremely close it seems as if he has some type of attachment or prosthetic in place of his arm. Instead of one of the Osbornes, what if it's Doctor Curt Connors (Villain from ASM1 who became the Lizard) who also was missing an arm? It seems that the producers are taking the better route and not doing what Sam Raimi did and make our Goblin a stupid millionaire in a metallic suit (no offense Iron Man). Another thing I analyzed from this "Amazing" poster (pun intended) was that there is a better look at his face on another billboard type of thing much like Electro's and Spidey's.

If you look closely in the circled areas you can see what look A LOT like the members of The Sinister Six!

  • Purple shape: what LOOKS like The Vulture (a spread-winged man in a green suit)
  • Green: The face of what COULD be our Green Goblin.
  • Blue: Obviously Electro but circling him emphasizes the Sinister Six blah blah blah etc.
  • Red: Rhino, again supports the Sinister Six idea.
  • Yellow: What looks like a silver arm with three prong/claws on the end. Doctor Octopus?
  • Orange: And last but not least Black Cat! It's a bit of a stretch but in the lightning created by Electro it seems as if there is the face of a woman with white hair. I doubt Aunt May is that important so I assume it is Black Cat.

This also supports the rumor circulating around the internet that Black Cat will have a part in the film.
Overall, The Sinister Six plays a pretty important part in this poster. Take it as a 640x478 res. grain of salt.


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