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David J. Eden

With the latest (and if I may say, ironic) news of the death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker in a flaming car crash, the question to be asked is: what now?

Its no lie that Fast 7 is already in production, and economically it would be a shot to the head to cancel or even temporarily halt production to hit the proverbial reset button. Now, my thoughts are, as a former film student and studio worker: how can we salvage this?

My first idea is this: have a car chase that has already been shot, do some miracle editing work, supplement it with a few new shots...and have Brian O'Connor die in exactly the same way his portrayer did: in a fiery blaze of a car wreck.

It would be the easiest way to kill off the character in such a way that the footage already shot with the actor could still be used, thus continuing the character's use in the franchise, while all it would require is a quick rewrite of the last half of or 2/3rds of the script to account for the loss of the character (imagine Toretto going ballistic on Jason Statham's villain as a result of him killing O'Connor in a bit of a flashback to his reaction to the man who crashed into his father as referenced in movie #1).

Frankly, from a filmmakers perspective: it would work.

But would it hit too close to home considering how Walker was killed?

Post your thoughts below!


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