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Ortiz David

November 30th 2013, I was actually in the middle of holding my 4 month old son putting him to sleep when I read a post on my Facebook about the actor being killed. At first I ignored it due to the recent hoax's in the past year with Morgan Freeman, and a couple other actors. It wasn't until I looked it up and saw US Weekly and Variety had similar reports. That is when my heart dropped, Paul Walker was gone. I picked every article I could find on Google, and saw that he was on his way home when his Porsche crashed into a tree. It's a sad, sad day I gotta be honest, I'm not as familiar with his other movies outside of Fast and Furious, I did love him in Running Scared and Takers, but my real passion was Fast and Furious and to see that one of the two pillars of the franchise was gone tugged on my heart strings. A fan of Vin Diesel's fan page I knew how much that tight knit group loved and cared for each other. Paul Walker's passing is a true hit to the friends and family, and fans everywhere. My heart and prayers go out to his Daughter and the rest of his family.


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