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A lot of talk goes around about a Teen Titans movie and who should be in it, or when it should come out, et cetera. However, with the current shape of the DCCU, I'd say that a movie is a bad idea.

An hour and a half isn't enough to capture everything we love about the Titans and all their great moments together. Especially since we don't know if it will get a sequel. And even more relevant is that we don't know that it will be successful. Now I'm not gonna stand here and say that it won't make money, it will, but the target audience is admittedly smaller, as the type of people who don't usually go see superhero movies (lack of time, money or interest) and will only go for movies that they know will be worth their time, probably won't go see a movie titled Teen Titans, Titans or maybe even Young Justice. Of course, there's the kids market, but after Man of Steel and TDKT (even though it's no longer part of this universe) DC may have lost credit in that department. And then there's the likely-hood that DC might mess this up, not that it should be too hard but still.

Instead, what about a live-action TV show? Now I'm not talking about a traditional TV show like Arrow where it's mostly monster of the week formula, but what about some sort of serial style show where each episode expands the unfolds the plot and characters? Reveal the main cast in the first couple of episodes and then take time to explore their characters and relationships rather than just shoehorning them into a climax.

Now I'm not a particular fan of this type of show but I think it could really work for 5 kids who don't know each other and more importantly for fans, and people who prefer the couch to the theater seat. Maybe, they're just flippin' channels when they see something that looks like superheroes on TV, except they're kids. Hopefully they know what it is, ("Is this Teen Titans?") or as always careful advertising helps, but the point is that you're showing them riskier characters from the comfort of their own home, with their families right next to them, no money required. And when the next JL movie comes out and these characters appear, people aren't too surprised and might even go back and watch their story.

Now this is of course just a test run of the concept, and because it's a serial style show with an end goal, they may or may not be interested in returning for more. Use this show to expand your universe and intro the idea of young heroes, something Marvel has yet to do. Another reason this show should be serial style is that it'll only last one season. After the season finale where everything we've seen so far has come to a head, you can go ahead decide whether to green light their own movie or not(likely more successful and more chance of sequels + no origin story), and better yet, IMO, give them a supporting role in the next Justice League.

And here's the best part: Because it's a one-shot serial, this formula can be used again and again to introduce less famous heroes to the public in time for the next Justice League. For example, Guillermo del Toro has been in talks for a Justice League Dark(I prefer Heaven Sent as the title) movie for a while but it sounds like that's falling into development hell. Instead, why not give him a 20(or so) episode serial where he can take the time to fully develop what could be an awesome story with plenty of magical characters, in time for the next big JL team-up film. People may not go see every movie DC puts out, but there's a good chance they come across these characters on television once or twice in the years between movies.

But back to Teen Titans. Movies are dangerous because there's always the possibility of getting it wrong and failing, which causes the fans to lose the characters for a while. This way there's time for them to go on adventures, fight Deathstroke, be friends and even just enjoy youth while it lasts. Besides, all of the members have some sort of tragic past they're running from and that's what bonds them together and makes them family, which should be a major draw as well as a plot point. I'm thinking a dramedy, with superpowers, of course. Definitely speaking of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beastboy here, but in order to avoid a particularly long article I'll leave this as the Why section and do the How later.

What do you guys think? Movie or TV show and then possibly a movie?

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