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Hope you liked the sequel to Batfleck's "World's Greatest Detective" with a lot happening leading up to the 3rd installment of the series.


After the defeat of Poison Ivy and Scarecrow locked away in Arkham. Everything seems peaceful for Gotham and citizens everywhere.

Don't forget the post-credits scene where Harvey Dent (Joel Edgerton) gets acid thrown onto his face by Sal Maroni after he gets prosecuted. You know what that means: Two-Face.

This movie is going to be more emotional then the last two because of the Wayne/Dent relationship being so positive in the last 2 movies then once Dent becomes the villain, it plays a major role on the rest of the movie.

This movie will pretty much be a Two-Face origin story.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Emily Blunt) is also introduced. She plays the victim-turned-villain-turned-love-interest.

Two-Face sets out to liberate Gotham with the help of having both a hand in Gotham crime, but also the police force. While doing that, Dent also destroys them at the same time.

Batman/Catwoman get caught in the crossfire and have to team up with Commissioner Gordon (Bryan Cranston) to bring Two-Face down and restore Gotham to what it was.

Expect an emotional final act scene between Batman and Two-Face from being partners in crime to fighting each other.

Catwoman/Vale/Batman love triangle.


Penguin and Dr. Victor Fries have an intense conversation...


Vicki Vale: Rachel McAdams

Harvey Dent/Two-Face: Joel Edgerton

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Emily Blunt

Things are getting heated! Movie 3 is done now working on Part IV and I PROMISE it's going to be a goodie! Stay Tuned!


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