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The season 4 mid-season finale of The Walking Dead aired last night on AMC. The episode was aptly titled "Too Far Gone". For those that have already seen this emotion and action packed episode, you will know exactly what I'm talking about, and for those of you who have yet to see it, get the Kleenex ready.

The Walking Dead is no stranger to emotional episodes, but last night's mid-season finale was by far the most emotional episode to date. I am not one that generally cries during television shows and movies, but "Too Far Gone" really tugged at my heart strings.

The build up to the showdown between the group at the prison and The Governor and whatever group he has brainwashed at the time has been building for the last season and a half, and last night's final showdown did not leave me disappointed. For a minute, I really thought The Governor may have turned a corner,and I think he did too and Rick's words to him, "we can come back", really got to him, but he did not want to accept it or appear weak. Which brings us to the first emotional loss of the night, Hershel, who was brutally taken out in front of his daughters. I kind of seen it coming, but I figured he The Governor would go for Michonne. After all, she is a tough, key member to their group.

The past conflicts between Rick and The Governor was finally capped off by the murder of Hershel and all hell broke loose. The Governor then ordered his "militia" to storm the prison and "kill them all". The tank and the gunfire were not all that had to be worried about during the fight for control of the prison, the noise of the battle drew in an army of walkers. I thought for sure that there would be more major deaths when that happened. Almost everyone was injured one way or another. The backyard brawl between Rick and The Governor was amazing. Just when Rick was starting to lose the fight, Michonne and her sword got the best of The Governor. I thought the were going to leave him in the field for the walkers and have him go the way of Merle, but Lilly came in to end it, but much like Lori and Andrea, we never see the end result. Is the Governor really gone or did Lilly get attacked and is he now a walker?

Perhaps the most emotional scene for me was after Rick found Carl. Rick asked Carl where Judith was and he said he did not know, so they set off to find her and come upon an empty, bloody car seat. Is Judith dead or did someone come through and save her? In the full season preview, Carol is back with the group. I think she came back to explain herself and talk to the entire group, but the showdown was going on. I think she found Judith and took her to the bus. If you notice, when the girls are carrying Judith in her seat, she is securely belted in, but when Rick finds the seat, the straps are properly unhooked. Walkers can't even properly use the stairs, so I highly doubt they can unhook a car seat.

"Too Far Gone" was by far, in my opinion, the best episode to date. The way that brutality and raw emotion was seamlessly blended together into one powerhouse of an episode really proved just how talented the writers and the cast of The Walking Dead really are. Everything about it was completely mind blowing, and the transformations in the characters we have seen throughout the seasons I feel came full circle last night.

During last night's Talking Dead, it was announced that season 4 of The Walking Dead will resume on Sunday, February 9th. I personally cannot wait to see what happens when the season picks back up. The group is scattered and nobody knows how many made it out alive and many that did were injured. How will the group find each other? Did they have a plan or will it be like the farm at the end of season 2? I for one cannot wait to find out.


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