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Love art!!....
Enio Dentale

Hello, I am Enio Dentale, I am 15 and I come from Italy. I would like to one day go to America and fulfill my dreams by working for Marvel. Please give a chance to a simple boy allowing him to show people what he can do. I'm always underestimated by all my friends and my family who do not believe in me, they think I'm silly. To them I am a landslide as a person but do not know anything about my passion for design and I'm sad for that. Now I'm tired and I want to share my passion with other people, with positive people. I love Batman, a dark knight that looks bad-looking, however, fights for the weak- I love it! I want to thank all people who will leave a comment on my drawing. My favourite cartoonist is Stan Lee (I hope one day I will give him my hand). If you want to see my other drawings, click on my Facebook page. You can go in my profile and see them. I have got a lot of Dragon ball drawings, that I made with Paint and some portraits. Thank you very much :)


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