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Whether you're a DC fanboy or a Marvel lover, you've got to love Batman, the watchful guardian, the caped crusader with no super powers who protects Gotham City from the forces of evil. Everything about him is iconic, from his origin story to his rogue gallery.

During his career as a crime fighter, Batman has faced many threatening supervillains, like the Joker, Bane and Poison Ivy. And while most of his enemies are extremely dangerous, there are others who can only be described as complete buffoons! These are the guys who didn't have any specific powers or supervillain charisma and ended up being ridiculed by their fellow bad guys and the audience. Today, I created a list with the ten most disappointing, the worst Batman villains of all time! Enjoy!

1. Kite Man

Kite Man is so cartoonish that he's secret identity is Charlie Brown. This sorry excuse of a villain began his career in the 1960s and quickly became a recurring antagonist to the Batman titles, using his kites to commit crimes. Despite the fact that he's no metahuman, Kite Man's special power is his persistence since he always returns to cause some more chaos--he even survived a fall from the Wayne Tower without his kite.

2. Egghead

Egghead was a villain created for the 1960s Batman television series. He was known for his pale bald head and his white and yellow suit. Although he seems harmless, Egghead has the same weapon that Mr. Freeze used in Batman & Robin, a weapon so deadly that even Superman is powerless against it. That's right! Egghead has the ability to generate the most insufferable egg-themed puns out there!

3. King Tut

After a knock on the noggin', professor of Egyptology William Omaha McElroy became paranoid, believing he was the reincarnation of King Tut and Gotham City is the ancient Egyptian city, Thebes. Just like Egghead, Tut made his debut in the Adam West TV series, so we should probably cut him some slack. After all, they were meant for children, am I right?

4. Ten-Eyed Man

The Ten-Eyed Man is a blind Vietnam War Veteran who became a part of a scientific miracle, having his optic nerves reattached to his fingertips. He battled Batman on some occasions but was quickly defeated, being tricked into touching something with his hands, thus injuring his sensitive fingers/eyes. Out of all the villains on our list, the Ten-Eyed Man's powers are by far the most useless. I mean, what happens every time he opens a door? Does he go blind? And what happens when he wears gloves? Or every time he masturbat... Moving on!

5. King of Cats

Some people protest and even go to court to get their jobs back, and some others decide to take revenge on society by dressing up as giant cats. Apparently, The King of Cats chose to follow the second path and became a supervillain after getting fired from a local car wash! He only appeared in one Batman story, trying to get his reformed sister, Selina Kyle, back to crime life. He later pulls a Jamie Lannister and falls in love with Selina, Lucky for us, his beloved sibling convinced him to turn himself in. After that particular incident, the King of Cats disappeared from comics forever!

6. Signalman

A small-time villain who wanted to be taken seriously and became... a small-time supervillain. Inspired from the Bat-signals, the petty crook, who apparently has no name, became Signalman and started committing crimes and leaving clues for Batman in order to catch him. All in all, he's a cheap Riddler wannabe.

7. Eraser

The Eraser, a.k.a. Lenny Fiasco (Fiasco? Really?), was a criminal whose dark side surfaced during his college days. He became a professional at covering the tracks of other crimes, erasing every evidence from the crime scene for a humble 20 percent of the loot. Although his motives and his evil plans aren't as ridiculous as the ones of the other lame supervillains, his over the top suit earns him a place on our list. I mean, look at him! He's dressed as a huge pencil!

8. Condiment King

Condiment King was created as a punching bag (and by that I mean literally a ''punching bag'', not a scapegoat) for Batman: The Animated Series. Despite the fact that he was nothing more but a comic relief, he quickly developed into a meme and made some appearances in the comics.

9. Crazy Quilt

The Crazy Quilt was a vicious gang leader with a soft, artistic side. His golden days were brought to an end when he was blinded by a rival gangster. Despite the fact that his goons forced a doctor to operate on him, the surgeon could only restore part of his sight and as a result, Quilt could only see bright colors. He became a supervillain and used his helmet to hypnotize and brainwash his victims.

10. Calendar Man

The Calendar Man started off as a joke and was usually defeated by Batman with great ease. His first outfit looked like it was drawn by kids and his way of committing crimes was a disaster. Unlike the others on the list, Calendar Man was able to redeem himself and became a bone-chilling, heartless serial killer, making notable apperances in the Arkham games and the recent Batman comics.


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