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Batman! The beloved caped crusader with no super powers who protects Gotham City from the forces of evil. He has a large gallery of great villains, such as the Joker, Killer Croc, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and many more. However, he has also faced some of the lamest villains in the entire DC Universe. This is a list with some of them!

1. Kite Man

Charles Brown...

No! Not that one!

Yes! That's the guy! a villain who uses giant kites to commit crimes. I don't know what is lamer, his plans or his suit? Eventually, this character was killed during a fight with Zatanna and he never came back.

2. Egghead

Egghead was a villain created for the 1960s Batman television series. The character was identifiable by his pale bald head and white and yellow suit. He has the same power as Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin. No, not ice! Lame punchlines. The most ironic part of the character is that he considers himself the world's greatest criminal.

3. King Tut

Another villain from the Adam West Batman series. After a knock on the noggin', professor of Egyptology William Omaha McElroy believes he is the reincarnation of King Tut and Gotham City is the ancient Egyptian city, Thebes. I don't want to say more on King Tut because he rarely appears in other media aside from the 1960's show. Who got paid to write those episodes?

4. Ten-Eyed Man

A blind Vietnam War Veteran who had his optic nerves reattached to his fingertips. Batman repeatedly defeated him by making him catch or touch something with his super-sensitive fingertips. I know that the idea of having ten eyes sounds good on paper, but why have them on your fingers? What happens if he wears gloves? Or if he catches something really hot?

5. Polka-Dot Man

Well, the Polka-Dot Man is a rogue from the Silver Age comics. His crimes revolved around the general theme of dots, as when he steals a black pearl from a foreign official who travels with a spotted leopard. What were they thinking? Like may other useless criminals Polka-Dot Man appears sometimes in modern age comics.

6. The Spinner

Swami Ymar wore a metallic suit of green armor covered in spinning discs and carried a buzz-saw gun to commit crimes throughout Gotham City. Although his costume is better than the previous ones and his crimes were considered more successful he was stopped many times by the duo and his existence was erased from the DC universe after Crisis on Multiple Earths.

7. Cavalier

The Cavalier is a low-level Batman villain. Starting from millionaire Mortimer Drake he became a crook. Just imagine what he could have achieved. He was a millionaire and he preferred to use only a sword as a weapon rather than a massive destruction canon or something like that. He lost all his money and now he steals for profit. He reappears in the New 52, enhanced with Venom and battling Batwoman. The worst thing about Cavalier? He once believed that Robin was an alien disguised to hide his true form, which is a giant bird.

8. Captain Stingaree

Born one of a set of quadruplets, Karl Courtney was always the black sheep of the family. Donning a cutlass and pirate outfit, Karl becomes Captain Stingaree. In his first outing, Captain Stingaree attempts to uncover Batman's secret identity. And from that point the story gets silly. He is somehow convinced that one of his brothers is Batman! He was later killed in a battle with the Secret Six.

9. King of Cats

The King of Cats is a creepy villain. He is Catwoman's brother, who was fired from a local car wash and now wants REVENGE! The King of Cats only appeared once in the Batman history and he tried to get his reformed sister back to crime life, which is a d*ck move. He falls in love with Selina, but she convinces him to turn himself in. He uses a silly cat car, something like a Catmobile.

10. Crazy Quilt

He was a renowned painter/gang leader until he was blinded by a rival gangster and his goons forced a doctor to operate on him. Unfortunately, for us, the doctor could only restore part of his sight and he now can see only bright colors. He became the Crazy Quilt and uses his helmet to hypnotize and brainwash his victims. His outfit is ridiculous and he was humiliated for this from Monocle, another villain, in front of a large group of other DC villains. Crazy Quilt was once defeated by a group of small children.

11. Signalman

A small time villain who wanted to be taken seriously and became... a small time super villain. Inspired from the Bat-signals he became Signalman, and like the Riddler before committing his crimes, he left clues for Batman. However, signals aren't practical like the riddles and his costume gave him nothing but a place in the worst Batman villains list.

12. Condiment King

Condiment King was created as a joke villain for Batman the Animated Series, but he was brought to life as a real villain in the comics. He is generally used as comic relief within the series and he is defeated multiple times by Robin. As his name reveals he uses various condiments to commit crimes.

13. Eraser

The Eraser AKA Lenny Fiasco (Fiasco? Really?) was a criminal who became evil after his college days. Fiasco is a professional at covering the tracks of other crimes. For a 20 percent cut, the Eraser will 'erase' the evidence of any crime. The police not only weren't able to catch the Eraser, but have been fooled by him many times. When he was caught by Batman, who was his old classmate, he was jailed to Arkham and was mocked by Bruce. In jail, Bruce presented Fiasco with a giant eraser and advised him to make a new start in life with a clean slate. Lenny didn't seem too amused with Batman's joke.

14. Calendar Man

The Calendar Man was a joke villain in early comic book history and was defeated by Batman with great ease. His outfit, for starters, looked like it was drawn by kids and his way of committing crimes was a disaster. However, he was reimagined as a darker villain in recent comic book history and in Batman: Arkham games. The old and sillier Calendar Man can be spotted in the cartoon series Brave and the Bold and in the comics that follow the same continuity.

15. Mister Camera

Mr. Camera was a small time, c-list villain in Gotham City whose only power seemed to be the camera on his face that could take pictures. His latest appearance was the Batman: Brave and the Bold show.

This was a list with the worst Batman villains. Did I forget someone? Which is lamer from these guys. Leave me your thoughts down below, as always.

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