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While we wait in anticipation for new episodes of Game Of Thrones, “Curse Of The Dragon Slayer” will unarguably take care of our universal hankering for everything warrior, dragon, barbaric battle and.. babe! Check out the stills and trailer released for the fantasy/action film from Phase 4 Films.

The supernatural actioner stars Danielle Chuchran from Body of Proof, and tells of an elf bounty hunter assigned the task of stopping a plan to unleash the God of the Undead. Keltus, a knight of the ruling Order is on the trail of the Shadow Cabal -- a group of Orc cultists. When his leads run cold, he must team up with an elf bounty hunter, Nemyt, and an infamous orc raider, Kullimon, to infiltrate the Shadow and try to thwart their evil purpose -- to unleash the God of the Undead.

So much more about this Indie Fantasy Adventure film can be found on my blog:


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