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Jack Roberts

Since it's the opinion of many that Edward Nigma will be somehow involved in the Batman Reboot, I thought I'd give opinion on who should play him.

5. Giancarlo Esposito

Obviously Nigma would have a race change and be Eduardo Nigma but if the fans can get past this then it could be awesome.

4.Giovanni Ribisi

A tragically underrated actor who I believe could put in an awesome performance if given the chance.

3. Johnny Depp

If they were going to go A-list this would definately be the way to go.

2. David Tennant

David Tennant is a guy who knows how to play ridiculous intelligence paired with great charisma, which is a trait anyone playing The Riddler should posses.

1. Matt Smith

When I first saw the rumours of who the main villain was likely to be Matt Smith was the first name that came to mind. Although each of the men on this list are more than capable of giving a great performance as the Riddler, I believe Smith can bring that little bit more to the part.

Thank you for reading, please post your opinion on who you think should portray Edward Nigma.


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