ByMichael DeSouza, writer at
Michael DeSouza

Before we get started I would like to give photo credits to, "Penguin Mane @Tupacca" of Twitter. Okay let's do this!

As you can see the Green Goblin is obviously Dane DeHaan, not Chris Cooper. This means it will be Harry Osborne rather than Norman. Goblin looks interesting. He is going to be an ACTUAL deformed/mutated type of character as predicted in previous articles. I cannot say that I'm completely happy with the Green Goblin that we are seeing here. Rather than the classic purple hat/cap, it looks like we are getting an anime looking hair style. I can say that, to me, the suit and face looks great and that this Green Goblin will be better than Willem Dafoe's.

Recently Chris Cooper, who will be playing Norman Osborne, revealed that he will get an "interesting introduction". If he's not the Goblin, who is he?!? We will see soon according to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Countdown! Thanks for reading!


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