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If you're still with me this far, I salute you to the fullest. This was the main reason I joined MoviePilot was to give my opinion and my imagination on this particular topic.

In the 4th installment of Bruce Wayne/Batman's epic story, after the death of his friend Harvey Dent, and the Catwoman's mysterious "I'll be back soon" disappearance, Batman has felt alone and all he has is Alfred (Jeremy Irons) and Commissioner Gordon (Bryan Cranston) by his side with Gordon leaning towards retirement.


In the post-credit scenes of Long Halloween, there was a scene containing Oswald Cobblepot (Eddie Marsan) and Dr. Victor Fries (Michael C. Hall).

Penguin is very unhappy with Fries as he has a debt to pay Penguin. (More on that later.)

This movie starts off actually with Penguin (being the mob boss that he is) giving orders to kill a certain person.

Turns out the hitman is Waylon Jones/Killer Croc (Chad Coleman) and proceeds to put out a hit on the specified person but someone gets in the way and that happens to be Dick Grayson's parents.

This act basically starts sort of a Nightwing origin per se. It's obviously set in the past and the movie will be brought back to present time where we have a mid-twenties Nightwing (Adam Driver) who's extremely independent and the way he carries himself throughout the movie (and future movies) gives off that "been on my own, don't need help" vibe. His parents are dead at the hands of Killer Croc and he's been plotting ever since to avenge the death.


Penguin and Victor Fries have a hostile argument on a debt Fries owes him. Fries has a sick wife whom he is keeping alive through his scientific work. The argument gets to hostile when Penguin and his henchmen wreck Fries' lab causing the subzero technology to fuse with his cells making him have to survive if only kept at subzero temperatures.

Fries' wife is left in an extremely critical state and near-death. Penguin and the rest leave the lab not caring what happened. Mr. Freeze is born and he his sole purpose is revenge for what they did to him, his work and more importantly, his wife.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) and Vicki Vale (Rachel McAdams) have a somewhat strong relationship going but Bruce can't seem to stop thinking about Catwoman. (More on that triangle as the franchise goes along.)

Nightwing is playing the lone ranger and goes after Killer Croc in the sewers one night and is just absolutely manhandled by Croc, leaving Nightwing beat up, costume torn, and unconscious. He wakes up from consciousness walking the streets of Gotham when Wayne is driving his car and notices him.

The rest of the scene goes to both of them in the Batcave, Alfred treating Dick Grayson, Bruce showing Killer Croc's "steps to beat him" plan on the giant screen, and also having a "heart-to-heart" being away from each other as crime fighting partners and the reuniting makes for a very impactful scene.

Mr. Freeze starts his terror and Batman and Nightwing are back in action.


Roman Sionis is sitting in his chair just looking out his window to Gotham...



Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin: Eddie Marsan

This guy is scary good. He has a villainous trait about him and his kind of British accent is perfect for the Penguin. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was my early choice but Hoffman would never settle for a secondary villain and it would be weird seeing him play such a character anyway. There's a movie with Marsan and Gemma Arterton and it shows how perfectly Marsan can be in thrillers.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing: Adam Driver

Even if this was not true AT ALL. This casting would've been brilliant. He doesn't automatically strike you as Dick Grayson, but the guy can act waaaaay better than the other contenders. Maybe in this case it's skill over looks and I'm all for it. Something different. Plus he's almost Affleck's height so that'll look cool on camera both of them fighting together. Age is also not a problem here. Matt Bomer was my first choice but ehh idk.

Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze: Michael C. Hall

Waylon Jones/Killer Croc: Chad Coleman

That's all for this installment! How aremyou liking it so far? What's your favorite movie so far in this franchise? Let me know below... Parts 5-7 are going to be LEGENDARY.


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