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Lucia Valeria Fischer

Actor of Light Yagami, also known as the infamous Kira from DeathNote, will now be taking on another famed evil role. Wrap him up in bandages from head to toe, stick a sword in his hand covered with the human oil of of all the people he's slaughtered, and you have your Makoto Shishio from Samurai X!

Commonly known amongst fans, you don't need a face to play Shishio, simply due to the fact that Shishio had his burnt off, along with the rest of his body. So physically, I believe he can fit the part. As for skill, from what I can remember, Tatsuya Fujiwara (the name of the actor), has a pretty decent knack for playing the role of a man suffering from "logical insanity".

Wondering if he can play the man without sweat glands, I look forward to the film Rurôni Kenshin: The Great Kyôto Fire Arc coming out sometime next year.

Any opinions? Any thoughts? Any cries of joy?


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