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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
Khalil Wright

With the news of another Friday the 13th reboot after ONE movie, it got me thinking, why don't they reboot the highly successful Halloween franchise? Here are my top 4 reason on why this NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

1. How are they supposed to make a sequel to the last atrocity?

The last Halloween movie is (in my opinion) one of the worst horror movie sequels of all time. And I could go on about how it was as terrible as it was, but that is an article within itself. Still though, even though they could easily bring him back for another sequel, I think most could agree that the Rob Zombie entry's should just be left alone. And we should just start with another reboot. One that can go ahead and establish the fact that evil cannot die and that Michael Myers does not need a reason to do what he does.

2. Michael Myers

Rob Zombie was successful in making Michael Myers scary again for many reasons of course. He was big ( I think 6'9), brutal, and his mask was even pretty scary in the remake. But I think the main reason for him being scary again was the fact that he could be a real guy, in your neighborhood, or mine, but then again you can do that two ways. Michael could either be the bullied and abused child who kills animals and grows to be a humongous serial killer. Or he could be the nice kid down the street who goes crazy for no reason. The second option was always the best way to go in my opinion. The fact that the audience doesn't know why he can't die, or why he kills people is pretty scary as well.

3. New Directions

Another reason for a reboot would be all of the directions the franchise could go if done right. If Halloween is done correctly it could lead to many different stories and characters. Even taking Laurie Strode and not making her his sister is a good idea that should be tested. That way we get some new stories to tell. It would also be neat to set up the Halloween, Friday The 13th, and Nightmare On Elm Street franchises like they did with the Avengers movie, and have that lead to the three facing off, a sure blockbuster that would be!

4. Legacy

Halloween is one of the most popular and successful horror movie franchises of all time, what would it be for us to leave it on the sour note its on now? These people need to reboot the franchise as soon as possible and actually start listening to the internet for advice. The same goes for a Nightmare on Elm Street. Child's Play and Friday the 13th are the only two original slasher franchises that have exciting plans lying ahead. Now Michael and Freddy need to get in on the mix to help bring back our favorite 80's Slashers to mainstream horror!


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