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Marcus Williams

Okay, so there's been a lot of buzz on The Amazing Spider-Man films. I for one, loved the first one, revealing the true secrets of Spider-Man, we got to see when and somewhat why his parents left him, his uncle getting killed (by a regular thug, not Sandman), Gwen Stacy being his first girlfriend, him shooting his webs out of web-shooters using web fluid, whereas in the Spider-Man trilogy earlier in the decade, Spider-Man shot webs plain out of his wrists. And what they did with the Lizard was great.

Altogether, the movie was excellent. Now the real buzz started with teasers and posters of the upcoming second movie (which is coming next May!!!). The posters showed Electro, Rhino, and what looked to be Green Goblin in the background. If Green Goblin is going to play a major part in this movie, I'm going to be pretty upset. I feel that Marc Webb should have Green Goblin make a cameo appearance in the 2nd one and be one of the main villains in the 3rd one, ya know, keep the franchise interesting. But, hope isn't lost if Green Goblin is a main villain in the 2nd one and doesn't appear in the 3rd one.

I think that the villain fail-safes for that scenario could be villains making their cinematic debut (like they did with the Lizard, Electro, and Rhino) such as Mysterio, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat (who knows!?!?), or maybe even Hobgoblin. But in my opinion, Doc Ock and New Goblin would work best. They could introduce Doctor Octopus as a new villain and New Goblin seeking revenge against Spider-Man. But, the only vendetta New Goblin has against Spider-Man is that he thinks Spider-Man killed his father (Norman Osborn, a.k.a Green Goblin). Also I think that Peter Parker finding out that the New Green Goblin is his best friend Harry Osborn would be a nice twist. But for this to happen, Dr. Otto Octavius needs to make a cameo and Green Goblin needs to die (but only if Green Goblin is a major villain in the 2nd one). But that's just my opinion.

Now as for the 4th movie (which is expected in 2018), I feel that Venom should be in that one. Introducing the alien symbiote would be incredible. I feel that Marc Webb could do better than how the symbiote was done in Spider-Man 3. If they do Venom right, there could be a chance for The Amazing Spider-Man 5 (fingers crossed!!!) where they can do the return of Venom but the uprising of Cletus Kasady, a.k.a Carnage. For those who don't know, Eddie Brock (Venom) and Cletus Kasady were once cellmates. This could play a part in The Amazing Spider-Man 5.

But this is just me. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section!!!


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