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Jordan Castelli

I previously wrote an article about Arrow as to why we might be seeing the Justice League soon. Throughout the show, there seems to be connections towards the Justice League such as H.I.V.E. and references to Ra's al Ghul. But another organization that has come up more than a couple of times is S.T.A.R. labs, which is more known for its role in Superman.

Does that mean we'll be seeing Clark Kent in Arrow? I highly doubt that, but the thought of it is pretty cool. I mean, how sick would it be to see Henry Cavill suit up in Arrow? Someone that we could see though is Cyborg. Cyborg was created by S.T.A.R. labs, more specifically, by his parents. Victor's parents actually worked at S.T.A.R. labs and I'm guessing he was part of some sort of freak science experiment or was in some sort of near death accident that forced his parents to turn him into what we know as Cyborg. I'm not sure of his origin so if someone would like to clarify on it, that would be great.

This next little bit is nothing about Justice League but about the Flash, who we'll be introduced to tomorrow night! Now, for tomorrow's episode and more than likely the rest of the series, Grant Gustin is going to be our Flash BUT he will only appear as Barry Allen and NOT the Flash. This is because Barry Allen is still a detective/police scientist and has not discovered his powers yet.

Barry was known to be very slow and late so it is kind of ironic and cliche that he is able to be super quick. The way he obtains his powers is when he was a part of an accident on his way to, wherever it was he was going, when lightning shattered a case full of chemicals which spilled on Barry. These chemicals allowed him to move lightning fast. Reflexes, speed, everything.

I have not heard any rumours as to when we will see Barry Allen as we know him, but seeing that he is being introduced into the show now, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing more than just the Green Arrow. I'm really hoping that they bring in some other heroes before the Justice League movie so that we can see what Stephen Amell will be like around other heroes in the show which could look good for him to be cast as the Green Arrow in the Justice League movie. Arrow is rapidly progressing and I don't know about you guys, but my stomach turns with excitement every Wednesday.

What do you guys think about S.T.A.R. labs being mentioned here and there in the new season? Do you think it's more clues that the Justice League or new characters will be introduced sooner than we think?


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