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Coming off of Dark Victory, Batman has settled down being the beast of a superhero that he is and relied more on the assistance of Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Adam Driver), and now in this movie, Stephanie Brown/Batgirl (Hailee Steinfeld).

With Penguin still alive and present but not at the height of power he was in Dark Victory and Mr. Freeze has thawed out (sorry, I had to), once again there's a seat that needs filled in order to take over Gotham.

Crime boss Roman Sionis/Black Mask (Mark Strong) is next in line and sets in a plan of attack from the get-go. He plays no games whatsoever in order to get what's his and makes sure even if he loses, he still wins.

Throughout the movie, Black Mask puts out multiple hits on Batman ranging from street thugs to few of the 8 assassins. Each hit put on Batman takes an increasing toll on him physically.

Batman enlists his help in Nightwing and Batgirl whom are both up for it but Batgirl seems rather hesitant. Batman gives her pre-gotham tips and tricks and how to survive in that world while Nightwing actually takes her there believing the best way to learn is if you actually do it.

Black Mask is realizing Batman is no longer popping up as he used to so he assumes one of the hits he put out on Batman have worked successfully in which his hitmen have either killed Batman or have caused Batman so much physical and emotional pain, he either retired or comitted suicide.

Nightwing and Batgirl are meanwhile doing a great job at making sure Gotham is protected the same way Bruce Wayne has taken care of it. [Think of Nightwing/Batgirl as a young adult, more mature version of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl]

There's a romance brewing here. Nightwing and Batgirl start to develop feelings and it further strengthens their crime-fighting relationship.

With the recent success of Nightwing &Batgirl, this upsets Black Mask to the fullest. He came with a plan and it's being disrupted by a couple of young adults in tights.

Black mask then proceeds to turn on his own crew, killing a few of his henchmen thinking they turned on him. He relaxes a bit (yes, he's that cold-hearted), and seeks to go to a movie to calm his nerves.

This is where we're introduced to Basil Karlo/Clayface (Christoph Waltz). A B-level actor who's struggling to make it really big. He hears Black Mask and the gang is coming to one of his showings and promises the best performance he's ever given. He makes sure everything is perfect from the set pieces to the viewers movie experience.

The show goes awfully. Just plain terrible which upsets Black Mask and the gang resulting in them leaving and disrespecting the facility.

Karlo, embarrassed, grows mad over the situation and snaps. He proceeds to start killing cast members in actual movie scenes that he shoots (this whole Clayface sequence happens thoughout the movie of course, not all at once or it'll look long and drawn out).

Meanwhile, Batman hears of these killings and proceeds to investigate because he thinks it won't require any physical work to check out a crime scene.

Karlo then goes on to start the Clayface transformation after portraying a villain named 'Clayface' in the same production he showed Black Mask. [Still trying to think of a clever and non cheesy way to turn Karlo into Clayface without making it look like Sandman] So that's up to your imagination.

Clayface is born and starts to terrorize the city. Nightwing and Batgirl take notice and even though he's unlike any villain they've faced, they're still up for the challenge.

Clayface beats NW and Batgirl fairly easy, leaving NW in critical condition.

Black Mask takes notice of this and orders a meeting with Clayface to discuss 'business'. The two team up but in the back of Clayface's mind, he knows Black Mask is still the man that turned him into this and disrespected his movie.

Batman and Alfred treat and take care of NW/BG and realizes that they can't do it themselves. He then goes out to stop the team up while teaming up with Gordon.

In a long, intense fight/chase scene, Batman manages to survive Black Mask's henchmen in his building and gets info on Clayface.

Clayface is at the height of his power destroying the city. He sets out to rob a bank for everything it's worth (maybe?). Batman uses every trick up his sleeve but Clayface is to strong for him. At the Batcave, NW is in to much pain to go back out again so Batgirl (who's fully recovered) sets out to help Batman.

The Batman/Batgirl team up is incredible and epic. Batman does all he can but realizes his extensive break from crime-fighting has caught up to him. Batgirl then fights Clayface. Explosions, fighting, all that jazz ensue and a bomb goes off sending them both through the window. Clayface realizing he's weakened and cornered by GCPD, takes the form of Batgirl and has a classic "shoot her, I'm the real one" scene. A small error on Karlo's part gives it away so he then has a "well, screw it" moment, takes full form and has one last hurrah before Batgirl uses a liquid nitrogen batarang to freeze Clayface, ending the 3rd act.

Clayface is sent to Arkham, where it is revealed that all he wanted from the safe was a box of his containing past experiences and a picture of his deceased wife.


In Arkham, it shows shots of past villains sitting in the cell then pans over to one cell where all you can see it the outline of the man. He's mumbling to himself and hears Karlo is being put in a cell.

All you hear next is:

"See you soon, Bats" as he laughs away manically.


Roman Sionis/Black Mask: Mark Strong

I know this is typecasting to the fullest but Strong is undoubtedly perfect for this role. You wont see his face in the movie so it'll hopefully give off the fact that you wont remember it's Mark Strong.

Stephanie Brown/Batgirl: Hailee Steinfeld

Very talented, high potential and perfect age range for Batgirl. She'll be having a relationship with Nightwing who's in his late twenties and she's 16 so by the time time this movie gets to this stage (5th movie out of 9, year and a half-2 year period between movies) she'll be in her early-mid twenties by the time shooting starts.

Basil Karlo/Clayface: Christoph Waltz

One of the best actors in Hollywood and really shines as a supporting character. Also shines as villains. Fits the European aspect perfectly and can really shine in this role.

That's all for this one! let me know what you think in the comments! . Part 6 is going to


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