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Chris Carlson Jr.

I am surprised to see many still up in arms against Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. I felt as though the consensus became: "if we can't change it well then we'll wait until we see at least a preview to decide if he's good enough for Batman." But nonetheless I read rantings left and right about how Ben is going to kill the character and how it will be a repeat of Cloony's Bat-Nipples. This is why I have, as a major comic reader and Batman fan, taken it upon myself to defend a man who I feel will do justice to my favorite character of all time, and even become the best incarnation of this character to date.

Bruce Wayne:

Bruce Wayne is this millionaire with all of the charm and charisma in the world, which Ben has. Ben's face is also chiseled for the role, and it is almost unarguable that he has the best chin ever seen on a Batman, which is in itself a major point of prominence and intimidation in the character. In a lot of ways, Ben is exactly like a mid thirties Bruce in how he acts, semi distant but always amiable in the public eye, and when he attends an event, you hear about it. We have seen this type of Bruce in Keaton's performance and a bit of Bale's in the first two films, though now, with Affleck, we get an entire new aspect of Bruce Wayne's character.

We are given a character with the good looks, the charisma, and Intelligence. Almost all of the Batman movies have pretty much shown us a guy that can fight and has gadgets and money, which is why none of those Batman's would work in the Justice League. In order to hold his own against Superman, he has to show that strategic side, for that is his true power. Muscularity, endurance, and a well armored suit cannot put a man on par with a guy that shoots lasers from his eyes. Ben Affleck has three oscars for movies he's written and/or directed. He's incredibly sophisticated in that regard and can pull off the look of someone that knows his shit, while also using an "I know more than you" tone when explaining things to the rest of the Justice League.


As I mentioned before, his undeniably perfect chin is made better by his also perfect Build. Both Ben and Bruce are just over 6'2" and with broad shoulders and a naturally muscular tone, Ben has the potential to finally capture the intimidating figure that Batman is when he puts on that cape and cowl. He has also been working his body so rigorously lately that the costume crew of the film he is working on now has asked him to stop because they cannot keep up with the gains he is making in the weight room. Not only is he the biggest Batman, but he is the biggest fan to ever be cast. Before filming the Dark Knight Trilogy, Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan had never between the two of them read a comic. Now these films were excellent, but in my mind they were never really Batman films. This was acknowledged by Nolan who said that his films were completely separated from the canon of Batman, but he wanted to re-imagine a more realistic character. In this way he succeeded but as a comic fan, I have always wanted to see that dark comic presence you get when you read the Killing Joke or the Long Halloween.

Compare this to Ben, who is one of the biggest fans of Batman in Hollywood, a man who cherishes his copy of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, a man who put a Batcave entrance behind a library in his old house, a man whose best friends is Kevin Smith, who has written many Batman comics and runs a Podcast weekly called "The Fat-man on Batman". All of this by the way precluded the casting.

Other Components:

Ben said he was confused when he was cast, that he did not see himself fitting in to where Bale left off. He was right, he would not fit into Bale's Batman character. He also worried he was too young, how could a 41 year old play a character that started at 25? But when presented with Snyder's new idea of the character, on more true to comics, an older, wiser Batman, he realized that he was indeed perfect for this role. He can play the cool charismatic guy, the sophisticated strategist, and the brooding vengeful vigilante.

Logistically again, look at his last couple movies, Argo, The Town, Gone Baby Gone, we see he is capable of being dark and driven while remaining cool and collected, and he can pull together a mystery and put the 'Detective' back in 'World's Greatest Detective". Hopefully, Affleck will too direct his own set of independent Batman films. When Nolan said he would make no more, Affleck's name was one of the first thrown up to take over, as solely a director. He was even asked to direct Man of Steel, to which he responded he didn't want to direct anything he wasn't a part of as an actor. This leads me to believe part of his casting came from the thought that he might eventually direct and write alongside Goyer, giving us a real Detective Comics vibe to our Batman, as he was originally intended.

Now all of this is factual and can lead to the best Batman we have ever seen, or he could fall short despite all he has going for him. All I want to say is logistically, Ben Affleck looks like the best Batman we have ever had cast and I know I'm looking forward to being the first in line in July two years from now.


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