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Gal Gadot, an actress with one of the smallest roles in Fast and Furious franchise, will now be staring along aside Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck in Batman Vs. Superman film, as none other than Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman.

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My expectations were high, so I was expecting someone different. So of course I'm a bit disappointed with this casting. I was rooting for Gina Carano of course, but hey oh well. The good thing is she is attractive, and fairly unknown. It will definitely be a career booster for her. At least they are trying to make moves to bring WW to the big screen, even if she's making a cameo... and it does seems slightly OFF.

I'm trying to picture Gal Gadot, as this picture, and the image isn't working for me!

I'm not sure what they are going for. Maybe they are trying to bring back Lynda Carter's version of Wonder Woman. I mean I would really like to know where they plan on going with this. The suspense is killing me!

Now that my opinion is out of the way, THIS ISN'T ABOUT HER LOOKS. While I don't think she currently has the specific body type I was expecting, my main concern is for a Wonder Woman Legacy.

Here are my main concerns with this casting:

1. The only acting credits that Gal Gadot has as far as I is from Fast and Furious. If they cast an unknown with big film potential, I'd be fine but they cast the least memorable actress from several HUGE blockbuster movies and gave her the most important female superhero role in film history. Which brings up the question...

2. Is this really an actress whom they think will draw large crowds to the theaters for a stand alone film? And actress who can carry several films on her shoulders alone? This can't be true because if it is maybe...

3. They have absolutely no plans of creating a stand alone WW film at all, just a bunch of cameos. Maybe this is her introductions before the JLA film which could also mean...

4. There will be several films and several more years between the Superman and Batman cameo, and a stand alone WW film. This being done in the hopes to build a Gal Gadot/WW 'fan base' which still may not equal breaking box office records...but in the event..

5. Gal Gadot does extremely well, However, the Sups Vs. Bats film completely bombs, everyone hates, it blah blah, then WW would be a victim of circumstance, and we could forget about a future WW film. All because of guilt by association

Now let me address the Thor and Superman comparisons: Well they weren't well known, and they turned out just fine, so she will be fine as well...You can't compare those situations to this, and here is why:

Thor did not have the iconic status of Wonder Woman, nor Superman. Earlier reports suggest, they took a gamble with Hemsworth, and the Thor character because neither were well known. So if it was successful, great, if not, they took a gamble. It just happened to be successful. Henry Cavill, has been acting for years on British television. He's well known in Europe, just not here. Just because you've "never heard of them" Doesn't mean they haven't been around. Also Superman is a character who sells himself. They could have cast anyone (and they did, remember Brandon Routh, Remember Nicolas Cage was suppose to be Superman!!!) and have the film be a success (well at least financially)

Wonder Woman on the other hand is different because she is the most well known, and respected female superhero OF ALL TIME!! And the only one of the JLA trinity without a feature, live action film. These are huge shoes to fill. I wish folks would stop with the Thor and Superman comparisons. ITS NOT THE SAME!!

Anyway, I digress....If the point was to find someone that could act, was this a smart choice? At least Gina Carano was the star of Haywire and she did her own fight scenes. To me that made up for a lot of things she lacked. With all seriousness, these days, I'm really starting to question if DC/WB know what the hell they are doing over there....

Bottom line, I know I'm not the only one that isn't totally on board with the casting, but I mean but who knows, maybe she might grow on us. Maybe with many, many, many, many months of language, weight and fight training, and a lot of make up, she may prove me wrong and pull it off. I doubt it, but you never know. I'm open minded I guess.

What are your thoughts?


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