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This is REAL SPECULATION. (Somewhat)

Finally, confirmed news from the Man of Steel sequel states that Gal Gadot is our new Wonder Woman.(Thoughts on that in my next article.)

With Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel in the works, Lex Luthor is pretty much confirmed in my opinion. Doomsday on the other hand, has been shouted plenty of times taken with many grains of salt.

"Doomsday is too early for Superman!" "Save him for an actual solo Man of Steel movie" have been recurring chants from fellow fans... but Doomsday is another article.

Now onto Lex Luthor, who in my opinion, is in the movie for sure. There are too many easter eggs of Luthor for him to not be in the sequel. put out a report stating who WB is eyeing for the villain role of the Man of Steel sequel:

Variety is reporting that the studio is considering Callan Mulvey, 38, for the part. The Australian actor, who appeared in Zero Dark Thirty last year, will be seen in next year's 300: Rise of an Empire and he also has a villain role (Jack Rollins) in Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
As the source suggests Warner Bros. is just “eyeing” Callan Mulvey, there could be other actors in contention. Anyhow, previous rumors suggest that Lex Luther and Doomsday will appear in Batman Vs. Superman

Now again, it's no question that Lex Luthor will be in the movie in my opinion. But is this the guy who just may be our next Luthor? He has the serious, stern face and I've tried picturing him with a bald head and it can work honestly!

In the comment section of that report, people have stated that he's locked on to play characters from Doomsday, Metallo, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and even Brainiac, but the consensus in the comment thread was Lex Luthor by a longshot.

What do you guys think? Callan Mulvey is being eyed for the villain role in Batman Vs. Superman. The question is, which villain?


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