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Married 12 years, live in Kansas, big movie and music nut, maybe sometimes to the point where that's all I want to talk about.
Earl Roberts

I think that it's way too soon to be introducing, Doomsday in the next Superman film. I mean he (Superman) has just discovered where he came from, and not to mention just saved the earth for the first time. I say if they're going with the notion of Batman and Superman meeting for the first time then totally avoid the Doomsday thing for at least right now. Give time for the Justice League to come together, give respect to the lineage that is there. I mean if Nolan's Batman doesn't exist let us get to know the new evolution, and see where it takes us. Then bring on the League, then bring on Doomsday after everyone has been established. Give time for actors to be given the chance to live out a childhood dream, before "killing off" an iconic character.


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