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Jessica Harmon

An independent horror-thriller called House of Bad has sold out in just 24 hours.

The Jim Towns-directed film, which has won numerous awards and been applauded by the horror community,

"blistered anticipated sales yesterday, selling out of stock, taking the internet giant by surprise. After a month of being available as a pre-order, the title suddenly became unavailable on the day of its official release."

The popularity and rush to buy the DVD has caught distributor Osiris Entertainment, as well as the film's producers by surprise.

"It's awesome and frustrating at the same time" says executive producer Scott Frazelle, "our distributor, Osiris Entertainment, has worked hard to promote the film, and capitalize on all the positive fan-site reviews. We’re really hoping this Amazon response pushes WalMart, Redbox, and other retailers to get the film out sooner rather than later."

Sounds like it definitely will!

Other horror films to do amazing business on DVD in recent times include Curse of Chucky (Universal Home Entertainment) and Cabin in the Woods (Lionsgate).

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