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Jared Ficiur

There are tons of Avengers team members out there that I would like to see. Here are my top choices and some dream casting.

Black Panther - Jesse Williams

He may be just a soap actor, I don't even think I'll really argue that, but I do think he has the perfect look for a young T'Challa just taking over the throne of Wakanda. He's a beautiful man, andI'd be willing to at least audition him for the role! I think he could surprise.

Ms. Marvel - Katee Sackhoff

I know this may sound like a broken record but I was on board the Katee train before she herself announced that she was. Carol Danvers has always been one of my most favorite Avengers. She would be a great add to the team, and her powers would translate well to the big screen. It would be visually amazing.

In Agents of SHIELD they've discovered alien artifacts which have had side effects on humans. If we don't want to get the Kree involved this would be a great way to introduce her.

She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters - Lauren Cohan

Loved her in Supernatural and we all love her in the Walking Dead. Realistically I know she would only play Jennifer Walters and that She-Hulk would be CGI, but I think she's a wonderful actress who would excel, and has a great look to base a CGI version off of.

My dream is when we get a new Hulk movie we will see him try to reconnect with his family now that the world realizes he isn't a monster, on the top of his list is his cousin Jennifer Walters, the villain attacks him (would LOVE to see Colonel Ross as the Red Hulk), during the attack she's injured and they go into hiding and he's forced to give her a blood transfusion in some sketchy hotel room where they're hiding out. Sine Walters can control the Hulk form better completely, unlike her cousin, it would be some nice tension and competitiveness between the relatives as Walters can be more of a hero than Banner can be since she can control her powers.

Dr. Strange - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I know there is lots of chatter about this particular casting, and JGL has already expressed interest in the role. I think Doctor Strange would be amazing visually on the big screen.

I think casting a younger Doctor Strange would add an interesting element to the dynamic of the team. I could see the others, probably Stark, calling him something like "sport" and Strange casting a minor spell on him and coming out with a short, and sharp retort to show him up.

Wonder Man - Matt Bomer

If you've seen Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes you know that Simon Williams is introduced as a villain and a member of Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil. He eventually turns on them and helps the Avengers defeat Baron Zemo. The purple ionic energy that makes up Wonder Man's body would be really neat to see on screen.

There's lots of other Avengers we would all like to see! Hopefully we'll get lots more opportunities in the future as our Marvel movies become more and more popular we can expect them to take more risks on other characters and heroes who may be not as well known.

What are your thoughts? Sound off below!


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