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Jerome Maida

I know many of you just did a double-take and are asking, "Who's this guy?" and are wondering why I would choose him to wear Daredevil's iconic red costume on the just-announced TV show to be shown on Netflix.

First, a disclaimer. Grandmaster Eric Kovaleski is my Tang Soo Do karate instructor. But that just means I get to enjoy his extraordinary ability up close on a regular basis. Here are five HUGE reasons why Marvel should stop their search now, give Eric Kovaleski a call, and tap him to portray Matt Murdock.

1. People forget that Daredevil doesn't just beat up thugs. He's an extraordinary martial artist. One of the best in the world. Guess what? So is Eric Kovaleski.

No. Seriously. I mean that literally and figuratively. The man started training in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art, at the age of three! Three! Thirty-one years later, he is still going strong and has achieved the rank of 7th Dan. There are only 21 recognized 7th Dans in Tang Soo Do in the world! Moreover, many of those precious few who are part of that exclusive club are at least a decade older than him. He has the almost perfect combination of the vast knowledge such a rank symbolizes and still being in his physical prime.

2. Eric Kovaleski would be able to portray the many facets of Matt Murdock's personality with ease.

Let me explain. Matt Murdock is known for being compassionate and having great empathy. Eric Kovaleski is a teacher students of all ages feel comfortable with and know they can confide in. he tries to keep people on the right path and has classes that focus on students with special needs.Matt Murdock is known for having a surprising sense of humor occasionally. Eric Kovaleski is known for making people's sides hurt with a well-timed one-liner. Oh, another thing...

3. Eric Kovaleski is an exceptional fighter. He has so many trophies his school is lucky to fit them all.. and legend has it he definitely knows how to "throw a switch" when it comes to fighting for real, having put 13 guys in the hospital at a club when they tried to gang up on him. The police ruled it was definitely self-defense.

Just imagine Kovaleski's Murdock "flipping the switch" against a bar full of thugs or Bullseye. With the right choreography, it would be awesome!

4. Matt Murdock is a lawyer. Eric Kovaleski has researched a case involving the future of Tang Soo Do so thoroughly it's almost not a question anymore if his side is going to win, but when.

That kind of drive and attention to detail can't hurt when it comes to memorizing his lines or getting in character, right?

5. Matt Murdock's father was his hero. he looked up to him. Eric Kovaleski would not have to look far for his inspiration here. His father, Robert Kovaleski and he are close. Robert is one of only FOUR 9th Dans in Tang Soo Do in the world! Four!

Amazing when you think about it.

6. Eric Kovaleski has been approached to star in films by such martial arts movie superstars as Cynthia Rothrock, Wesley Snipes and Billy Blanks.

Take a look at those names. They must all obviously see the same thing. A star waiting to be born.

7. With "Daredevil" being on TV and not in a movie and on Netflix and not a network, landing an established star might be tough due to budget constraints.

Toss in the fact that he is at the very least as skilled as any of the "stars" they could bring in and this is a no-brainer.

8. The ladies tell me he's not bad-looking either.

Which can't hurt with trying to get female viewers to tune in, right?

9. With his relatively young age, he could play the role for many seasons or make the transition to a feature film a few years down the road with no problem whatsoever.

So what do you think..Do all of you agree with my choice and reasoning? Let me know below!


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