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William Norton

Armed with little more than a rented camera, a budget smaller than a lobbyist's night in Vegas and a near-superhuman will to succeed, filmmaker William Norton of Remote Station Entertainment has created a feature-length political thriller that will hold its own against big studio Hollywood films. To date, the film has been financed completely by Norton and wife Jessica Goin, his co-executive producer. Nearing completion, they've just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the $35,000 needed to finish the film. You can view the trailer on YouTube.

FALSE COLORS is a political thriller set in 2003 about international weapons inspector Ted Keller who, working in Iraq on the eve of the U.S. invasion, stays behind when all the other inspectors were told to leave. In doing so he discovers something that puts his life in danger. Desperate to stay one step ahead of those who want him silenced, he returns home to the U.S. to unravel the mystery surrounding his find. William Norton is truly an independent filmmaker as illustrated by his credits on FALSE COLORS, not just writer, director, co-producer, editor but also one of the D.P.s, casting, wardrobe, props, craft services, poster concept and photography and transportation. This made filming possible with only a skeleton crew of highly talented professionals who often filled more than just one job description. Many mornings were spent with this core group gathered around the dining room table preparing for the day's shoot, often guerrilla style, always without permits and fueled by their love of film. For more information on FALSE COLORS and its upcoming release, please visit


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