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Jordan Andrew Cope

Here is a little list of my to 10 Trek characters from
J.J. Abrams Reboot in 2009.

10. Lieutenant George Kirk - USS Kelvin

I like George Kirk because although he is a minor character, his actions in the explosive opening scene have a lasting effect on the films, redefining them from the originals.

09. Spock's Mother

Again, a relatively minor character in the film, but her humanity as a contrast to Sarek's (Spock's dad) Vulcan demeanor causes a defining conflict for Spock, seen from his first appearance as a child to his career in Starfleet and his clashes with James Kirk.

08. Engineer Olsen (Enterprise Chief before Scotty)

An over-eager engineer, he appears briefly before being killed on the Romulan drill over Vulcan. It's my opinion that putting Olsen in AND giving him the charges meant to destroy the drill was a clever play to give Kirk and Sulu a challenge to overcome and begin the forming of a bond between Kirk and the crew.

07. Lieutenant Uhura

Yeah, a good character, she comes across to me as slightly abrasive in the first film, showing a more caring side in 'Into Darkness' but still jumping to conclusions about Spock's 'Feelings'. She seems very clingy in all things Spock. Sorry if you disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

06. Captain/Admiral Christopher Pike

The first Captain of the Enterprise, Pike has a sardonic edge to him, as well as commanding the respect of the crew. His sacrifice to Nero saved the ship and set the tone for the Spock/Kirk conflict.

05. Doctor Carol Marcus

A sneaky girl, Carol Marcus forged transfer orders to get aboard the Enterprise so she could examine some torpedoes. Chemistry between her and Kirk shows potential for development (as in the original films) and remained fearlessly loyal to Kirk when her father attacked the Enterprise.

04. Admiral Alexander Marcus

This guys is a wise-crackin' badass hell-bent on war with the Klingons. Sending Kirk on a mission so he could pin the blame on him and his crew for attacking the Klingon Homeworld, Marcus then chases him down and almost destroys the Enterprise in a pitched battle over Earth. Gets killed by Kahn... Kinda cool.

03. Commander Spock

Both films feature Spock wrestling with his Vulcan and Human sides as well as wrestling with his feelings for Uhura, Kirk and the rest of the crew. Shows a tendency to get pissed off real quick, leading to explosive outbursts of anger. His lack of understanding of humans leads to some funny moments between him and the other characters.

02. Captain James T Kirk

A far cry from William Shatner's Kirk, Chris Pine takes Kirk to a different level, portraying him as nothing less than a delinquent with virtually no respect for the chain of command. His main goal initially seems to be scoring with the ladies and showing off at the Academy, until the shiola hits the fan and he becomes determined to save Earth from Nero. Loyalty to the Enterprise crew builds from there, Kirk develops into a guy willing to risk it all for his crew.

01. Doctor Leonard 'Bones' Mcoy

Karl Urban is almost a younger more modern version of DeForrest Kelly's 'Bones'. Quick witted and sharp. He always has a metaphor on hand and is quick to dish out his advice and displays little regard for whether the others want to hear it

So there it is... My top 10 Star Trek Reboot characters. Have a read, feel free to comment and share your opinions, I welcome them.


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