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My favorite movie of 2012 was Marc Webb's adaptation of the Ultimate Spiderman comic book series: The Amazing Spiderman, which happens to be my favorite Marvel superhero. I saw a leaked trailer from Comic-Con for the Amazing Spider and thought it looked pretty good but not great. Then I saw the poster released a few days ago and I started getting worried.

Today is the release of the first trailer and holy crap I am freaking excited for this movie. I thought the idea of three villains would kill this movie but I actually see what they are doing with this. See Spiderman should deal with three villains to challenge himself as a hero: can he protect New York or will the world fall? First things first: Electro looks awesome. I may not like Jamie Foxx all that much but I am actually looking forward to him as Electro. Rhino, I actually understand why they are making him a man in a robotic suit. See I understand that Spiderman is the hardest superhero to adapt because of his villains, quite a few of them are the most retarded villains and Rhino was one of them so changing from a concrete alloy suit to a robotic suit makes sense to me and this trailer made him look better than the poster; Paul Giamatti is one of my favorite actors and I'm interested to see how they do this. Dane Dehaan looks like a pretty awesome Goblin and I LOVE the design for Goblin since all versions of Green Goblin suck in the design department.

In this trailer it shows a few hints of Vulture and Doctor Octopus at 1:17 which was nice to see. Chris Cooper looks like an awesome Norman Osborn and overall I think this looks pretty freaking awesome. Does this have potential to suck? Oh yes, if this doesn't deliver then say good bye to Spiderman but if done right this could be what I've always wanted from Spiderman movies. Other than the lazy title all I got to say is that this looks... amazing.


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