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After his successful directorial debut with Don Jon this year, could Joseph Gordon-Levitt have his sights set on directing a bigger project? Or could he be playing Dream, aka Morpheus, the lead character in the Sandman movie?

If you don’t know about Neil Gaiman’s career-defining comic series The Sandman then get to know it as it may be heading to the big screen if the reports are to be trusted. BadassDigest claims “trusted sources” has told them that David Goyer has pitched a take on Sandman to Warner Bros, and the studio has been very receptive. Bear in mind this isn’t the first time The Sandman has been penned for a potential adaptation, and it is early days yet, so there is no guarantee of this version getting the green light. Among producers who have pitched The Sandman in the past are Roger Avary (The Rules of Attraction) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural).

With Goyer’s involvement in the Dark Knight series and now the Man Of Steel movies, it seems he’s the go-to guy for the studio when it comes to comic adaptations, so those “trusted sources” may be worth listening to, after all. Being the complex story as The Sandman is, I fear this may be more than challenging for Goyer - or anyone, for that matter - to adapt. Does Sandman belong on the big screen? Can a movie do the comic series justice?

Hear what Guillermo del Toro had to say about The Sandman adaptation:

I must say I’m with del Toro on this one. While Sandman could certainly offer Warner Bros a new franchise as cinematically profound as Harry Potter, I’m having a hard time seeing this translating successfully to film. A television series would seem more efficient in capturing the compelling cast of characters and their stories.

Launched in 1989, the comic depicted personifications of concepts such as Dream, Death and Destruction. The Sandman adaptation is still in the very early stages at Warner Bros so it’s subject to change. But, if the project does make it to the big screen, being the exceptional actor that he is, I would love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the embodiment of Morpheus, albeit Gordon-Levitt is a little shorter than the character I had pictured.

Speaking about actors who could play Morpheus, Gaiman reveals:

I would happily watch Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch as the Dream Lord in the movie. Or somebody else, who's yet to graduate - as long as they've got good cheekbones!

So what are your thoughts on The Sandman adaptation? Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt your Morpheus?


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