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I know a few things..
Cedric Cannon

Gal Gadot may have been on nobodies list of choices for Wonder Woman but she has been cast. All the current photos of her show her to be near waiflike but what hollywood actress' aren't?

Adrienne Palicki may have been a little more athletic but Gadot has yet to go through the intense training that will precede her donning the costume so by the time we see her she will surely look at least as acceptable as Palicki.

Breast padding and blue contact lenses are some of hollywoods oldest tricks. So everyone should sit back and wait for the first pics of Gadot as Diana which probably won't show up until around Comiccon.

  Megan Gale
Megan Gale

Also, Megan Gale was cast as Wonder Woman in the aborted Justice League movie that George Miller was set to direct and cleavage aside she is of similar frame to Gadot and Palicki.

I say give Snyder and WB room to breathe and not decry every choice they make: next "OMG they chose who to play The Flash?...They're ruining the character!"

Got to love the fans.


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