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Angel Moron

Ok folks, X-Men: Apocalypse is coming in about three years. I'm sure that with this title Apocalypse will be the one that changed the past and used Bolivar Trask or even more chilling, killed Trask and morphed into him. This, in my opinion, will lead into the next Wolverine movie that should be called something like Wolverine: X-Force. This is where Xavier or Magneto or both depending on how DOFP ends, will send the team to look for the Apocalypse. The trick will be weather they know it's Apocalypse or they just try to find the culprit of changing the timeline. Most likely it will have a mixture of both classic X-Force and Uncanny X-Force (Dream team: Wolverine, Cable, Colossus, Psylock, Warpath, Shatterstar and Angel.) Then that could fallow up with the Archangel saga which could include Nathaniel Essex as Sinister (Rumor has it he will make an appearance in DOFP as Essex.)

Tell me all of your theories about the title. Remember right now it's just a title. But still tell me ALL of your theories about Apocalypse. I will read all of them and probably comment back on most of them.

Should Fox go in Marvels The Avengers direction and keep him as the mastermind controlling everything from afar; calculating every move his pawns make (I'm sure that what DC will do with Darkseid) or have him go balls out and actually be major player?


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