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After several months of waiting, the first trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally hits the web!!! I can not believe it actually took that long.

And who knew about seeing the Sony logo at the beginning of the trailer for the very first time? Incredible.

Looking at this trailer, I felt really shocked yet surprised at the same time. The reason I got surprised was Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn. I think he outwits even James Franco's interpretation of the character in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. And I absolutely love his interpretation of the Green Goblin. Totally awesome.

What also surprised me is that this film (possibly) is set around Jamie Foxx as Electro. His one line in the trailer marks the perfect foe for Spider-Man to try and take down, which will also give him his greatest challenge.

It also may seem to be that there is a father and son vs. father and son tone going on in this Spider-Man film as in the Parkers vs. Osborns.

Now looking at Electro, I found that he may be an equal to his Ultimate comics interpretation of the character. But the special effects look absolutely stunning.

The third thing that surprised me is Paul Giamatti as Rhino. I thought that the robotic suit that looks like a rhino was super cool. I think that Giamatti is going to rock this role in the movie. And rumor has it that Rhino may appear in Amazing Spider-Man 3. Though Giamatti isn't in the trailer much, I think above all, this role is perfect for him.

Now there has been speculation that this movie may lead to a Sinister Six movie. But no one knows for sure yet. But if you look very closely in one image, there is some stuff in an OsCorp vault that could give us a clue (Being Dr. Octopus' tentacles and Vulture's wings).

Overall, I think that this will be an awesome movie with a new interpretation of Peter's costume (though it is a bit comic-bookish). But I think (personally) that the David Bowie-like Green Goblin may be the main antagonist of the film with Electro and Rhino being the secondary antagonists of the film. So that's my review on this trailer. I think it will be an amazing movie when it hits theaters in May 2014.

So now I ask a few questions. What do you think about this trailer? Who do you think the main villain (Electro, Rhino or Green Goblin) will be? Are you excited for this movie? Leave me your comments below.


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