ByJordan Cope, writer at
Jordan Cope

Whovians everywhere know that every Doctor brings something a little new to the TARDIS, you know, just to spice things up space style and to match the Doctor's insane personality changes from one incarnation to the next. Usually each Doctor gets a categorically unique TARDIS that reflects them, not counting the 'Eccleston/Tennant' TARDIS, where the Doctor got lazy and kept things the same... OR the 'Smith' TARDIS, which got changed twice because the Doctor was quite simply insane (rather like myself, I dunno, does anyone else get the feeling that the living space is not quite done yet?)... ANYWAY... back to the point.

Christmas 2013 will see Matt Smith step down as the quirky time traveller and Peter Capaldi step into the little blue box. Now my question to you, dear readers and fellow Whovians, is as follows. Will the 'Capaldi' Doctor want a new look for his home while he quite possibly searches for Gallifrey and no doubt gets into scrapes with various baddies intent on invading Earth and destroying the timelines as we know them, or will he decide that the TARDIS is perfect just the way it is?


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