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I recently did an article on how DC could reboot the Green Lantern franchise and give everyone the GL they want, be it Hal, John, Kyle, or Guy. I am following that up with this article which has my choice of actor for each character, the first actor being the Movie choice and the second being the TV choice. Let’s begin:

Hal Jordan

Jake Gyllenhaal – Known for Donnie Darko/Source Code

David Boreanaz – Known for Angel/Bones

John Stewart

Idris Elba – Known for Obsessed/Long walk to Freedom

Laz Alonso – Known for Southland/Breakout Kings

Kyle Rayner

Alex Pettyfor – Known for Beastly/I am number four

JD Pardo – Known for CSI:NY/Revolution

Guy Gardner

Sam Worthington - Known for Avatar/Wrath of the Titans

Paul Wesley – Known for CSI:Miami/Smallville

I realize that some of these actors may not be familiar to you, while others are on multiple lists as well as mine. I did that on purpose, just as I picked the above picture to show what each person's TRUE power is. I honestly don’t know if DC will ever do anything as ambitious as this story and if they do I don’t know if the actor’s I chose for the roles will be available to play the part or even if they'll want it. I just wanted to keep the discussion going so that maybe we will get a good GL series or Trilogy at some point.

Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Do you think we will get a live action Green Lantern ever again? Comment below and as always follow me if you like on [email protected]


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