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I just knew something like this was coming. The Hunger Games is becoming such a global phenomenon that someone just had to come up with ideas on how to cleverly spoof it. Hence, The Hungover Games. And what better way to spoof the ultra-popular franchise than to add a bit of The Hangover as well.

Here's the official poster for "The Hungover Games:"

via: MovieWeb
via: MovieWeb

And here's its official trailer:

This trailer made me chuckle sporadically, at best. The idea behind the whole comedy is perhaps (I reiterate, perhaps) a good one. As a fan of both The Hunger Games and The Hangover, I would love to watch a smartly-crafted spoof of them. But, I have become slightly disinterested in spoofs, generally speaking, over the years, especially after Scary Movie 4 debuted. I just feel like the same type of jokes are sometimes repeated from film to film, as if there were no other ways of starting fresh (and do not even get me started on all the sexual references consistently utilized). Despite that, however, I will keep following The Hungover Games with the hopes of becoming much more interested in it. Like I opined, the idea behind it could turn out to be good, maybe.

The comedy spoof will hit theaters sometime in 2014. It will be directed by Josh Stolberg, and it stars Ross Nathan, Ben Begley, Russ Harper, Rita Volk, Tara Reid, Robert Wagner, Kyle Richards, and Jaime Kennedy.

Time for you all to sound off! What do you think about the idea behind "The Hungover Games?" Will you give it a shot? Also, what do you make of both the official trailer and poster? Write away in the comments section below.


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