ByCarl Poole III, writer at
Carl Poole III

I don't have the words to truly illustrate how the physical grace and presence of a figure like Diana of Themyscira stands as a metaphor for her wisdom, integrity, and character in the same way that images of Clark Kent's Superman and Bruce Wayne's Dark Knight do. After finding out about producer/director Zack Synder's choice to portray this role, I see that he doesn't know how to either. He only got the 'grace' part right by tapping Gal Gadot for the job.

Photographer Howard Schatz in his book 'Athlete' seems to have a clearer understanding of this, so I present here a few of his photos to make a simple point: These aren't the 'Suckerpunch' girls, Mr. Synder. These are what 'wonder women' look like. One of DC Comic's big three should not be there for fan service


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