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So after seeing the God awful concept art for Superman's suit in the scrapped J.J. Abrams Superman movie known as Superman Flyby I thought "I'm glad that mess wasn't made." But recently they revealed a picture of the suit constructed and ready for use and honestly...I don't think its bad. A little too...kevlar-ish for my taste but the shading and the symbol look really cool. There was even reveal that Henry Cavill was cast by the director of the Charlie's Angels reboot films named...McG? (Dude pick a better Hollywood name) To be in Superman Flyby and there is even a picture of Henry Cavill's screen test in suit for the film.

So I wondered why this movie was scrapped when you have Cavill and that cool suit...well I figured out why: the plot,

"Young PRINCE KAL-EL is rocketed to Earth in an effort for Jor-El to allow Kal-El to fulfill the prophecy of being the chosen Kryptonian to end a century old Civil War. On Earth, Kal-El is found by the KENTS a kindly couple who's hopes were to be parents. After surviving the years Kal-El now Clark Kent's life is shown through a series of scenes showcasing his life before Superman which leads right up to the moment he meets Lois Lane at a Metropolis College. All the while the young TY-ZOR Cousin to Clark Kent goes from Planet to Planet in search of his Cousin in hopes of killing him and crushing the war. When he arrives to Earth he discovers his Cousin has become SUPERMAN Earth's greatest protector and the two engage in a battle for the Earth it self."

Wow...and I thought Superman the Movie was bad, this makes that movie look like Man of Steel. So yeah one of my favorite directors and writers nearly screwed up. I'm thankful for Man of Steel, it's a great Superman origin story. So which suit do you like better? Flyby or Man of Steel? By the way; Superman Flyby? Really? Lamest Superman title ever.


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