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There's a lot to talk about on this topic. We've all seen speculation, rumors, and "confirmations" as to who
Batflek's love interest in the upcoming film will be.

Jezebel Jet? I'm not sure about that one. I have mixed feelings on this topic all around, so I figured I'd put a list out here that discusses the merit's of some of the different ladies in Batman's life.

In descending order of my personal preference, below are the ladies I would like to see as Bat's love interest. Some of them may surprise you:

5. Vicki Vale

One of the main functions of a love interest in Superhero movies is to get you to see the hero through a normal lens. For example, when you first see Thor in his armor, say fighting the frost giants, you think little of it because that's what he does. But when Jane finally sees him fighting, and is ready to take all her (and his) clothes off, you remember, "Oh yeah! He is f***ing cool! That bro just made Natalie Portman [sexually excited]!"

That's the sort of feeling we don't get much of from Batman films, but it is the kind of thing Vicki Vale would bring to the table. While she's a fun way to showcase how badass Batman is, she's also a fun way to show how badass Bruce Wayne really is. Before Batman was really making headlines, this beautiful reporter was obsessed with telling Bruce Wayne's story. Its easy to forget what a powerful impact Bruce has on people when he's not wearing the cape, and Ms. Vale is a good way to remind us.

4. Selina Kyle/Catwoman

The Cat and the Bat. Forever they go back and forth. If there exists anything close to a soul-mate for Bruce Wayne, then it's probably Selina Kyle.

Selina is fun because she can actually match Batman. Where Vicki Vale would swoon and have no quarrels whatsoever with insta-marriage and kids and a little bat-minivan with this handsome brooding hero, Catwoman sometimes just wants him to get out of the way. They trade physical blows, and she holds her own. And all the while, the sexual tension grows.

She oscillates between being a villain and a quasi-hero, and Bruce is always torn because of his affection for her. He feels bad letting her get away, and he feels bad bringing her in. His sense of justice is in direct conflict with his desire for her. And that can make for a fun experience for the audience.

( Note: I would put Catwoman higher up on this list, if she weren't so recently and excellently portrayed by Anne Hathaway. My thirst for some Cat and Bat action is quenched. For now.)

3. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Ever since Justice League and Justice League Unlimited in the excellent DC Animated Universe, I've been shipping Bruce and Diana. She would flirt with him, he would (or more often, wouldn't) respond, and slowly feelings seemed to be growing. And then all of a sudden, something happened. The DCAU ended. And just like Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, Bruce and Diana's story also ended, with closure nowhere to be found.

As you could see in the cartoon, the dynamic between these two has the potential to yield one of the most fun pairings in cinema. She's damn a damn near invulnerable trained warrior, and yet still has a sense of innocence (she comes from a land with no men).Then she gravitates towards this brooding loner who has nothing to emotionally offer a woman, and he sees that he might not actually get this one hurt (she can fly and dodge bullets).

And it would be damn cool to see her pass up on the Man of Steel in all his power for one mortal man who made himself something more.

Wonder Woman has semi-officially been cast and confirmed for the upcoming film. That being said, #3 on my list might actually be the likeliest.

2. Lois Lane (twist!)

I hate to keep going back to it, but if you were a fan of the Animated Universe, you might know what I'm talking about with this one. It's the same concept with Wonder Woman: I just love to see chicks go for Batman over Superman. There's something about the whole "You're the most powerful being on the planet and she's still going for me instead? Suck it, bro" thing that is just funner than a barrel of monkeys. Part of it is because I think Batman is a better character, and so I root for him. But I also have logical reasons for this one.

Give me a chance to explain this one. In a world without Superman, Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane would probably be a thing. He's a billionaire playboy who secretly does everything in his power to save the planet from itself, and she's a gorgeous balls-to-the-walls reporter who puts herself in harms way to expose the kind of corruption Batman fights. They'd totally hit it off and probably have an off-and-on thing for about a year.

I'm not asking the studio to just give her over to Batman. But maybe Superman is off saving the world, and charming Billionaire Brucey just arrived in Metropolis. A couple of drinks and she's beginning to question why Clark doesn't do this kind of thing with her more. I want don't want to see her choose Bruce in the end, but I want to see her make the choice. Also, at least hook up with him.

1. Nobody.

Batman is alone. Arguments can be made (even by me) for Selina Kyle, but ultimately Batman accepts that the life he leads leaves no room for a fulfilling relationship. His life is devoted to the war he wages, and personal happiness comes secondary (or even third or fourth) to that.

Grant Morrison claims to have written "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" in part to show his belief that Bruce Wayne is so psychologically broken as a person that he is incapable of anything close to a healthy physical or emotional relationship.

Albeit that novel was about him overcoming some of that, it could still be very interesting to specifically show no romantic partner and to make that obvious. Exploring Batman's psychosis a little? Now that's just good fun. Showing him a little broken at the beginning of his run in this new universe? ould be the right move. Let the relationships and the romance come later. For now, build up Batman's character. This is a new Bat, and the claims are that its a brand new direction for him. I'm excited to see that, and unless it feels entirely natural, I don't want an unnecessary romance getting in his dark and foreboding way.

Final Thoughts
I'm not saying they shouldn't include a love interest for the hero I love most. I'm just hoping that if they do, it's better than the Clark/Lois situation in MOS. The whole romance felt a little forced and obligatory. Any of these above characters could be interesting and add a lot to the film if done right. Although of course, it just may not be the right time to introduce romance into Bruce Wayne's life.

Honorable Mentions:

Silver St. Cloud
Talia Al Ghul

(Wasn't totally happy with her character in TDKR)

Like my pics? Think I missed someone, or could do without some of them? Shout out who you want to see (if anyone) seducing the Dark Knight in 2015.


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