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Composer Howard Shore returns to Middle Earth for the second installment in The Hobbit Trilogy. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Special Edition] is now available! This 2 Disc Collectors Edition features 12 extended tracks! Plus an exclusive bonus track! I am very excited for the film as you all know, because of Benedict as Smaug & The Necromancer. I am also a huge fan of Howard Shore! I cannot wait to hear the Smaug scene tracks and the rest of this amazing album in my midnight IMAX 3D premiere showing and then anywhere in my i-Pod! Check out the tracklist for this AMAZING album and then look below the tracklist to buy your own copy!



01. The Quest for Erebor [03:23]

02. Wilderland [04:56]

03. A Necromancer (Bonus Track) [02:54]

04. The House of Beorn (Extended Version) [04:52]

05. Mirkwood (Extended Version) [05:31]

06. Flies and Spiders (Extended Version) [09:35]

07. The Woodland Realm (Extended Version) [05:15]

08. Feast of Starlight [02:48]

09. Barrels Out of Bond [01:50]

10. The Forest River (Extended Version) [05:10]

11. Bard, a Man of Lake–town (Extended Version) [03:18]

12. The High Fells (Extended Version) [03:38]

13. The Nature of Evil [03:20]

14. Protector of the Common Folk [03:37]


01. Thrice Welcome [03:34]

02. Girion, Lord of Dale (Extended Version) [04:15]

03. Durin's Folk (Extended Version) [03:04]

04. In the Shadow of the Mountain [02:15]

05. A Spell of Concealment (Extended Version) [03:22]

06. On the Doorstep [07:46]

07. The Courage of Hobbits [03:00]

08. Inside Information [03:48]

09. Kingsfoil [02:25]

10. A Liar and a Thief [03:41]

11. The Hunters (Extended Version) [09:55]

12. Smaug (Extended Version) [06:29]

13. My Armor Is Iron [05:16]

14. I See Fire - Written & Performed by Ed Sheeran [05:00]

15. Beyond the Forest [05:27]

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So tell me what you thought of the score once you have heard it! Which track was your favorite? Comment below, let me know!


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