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Amy Martin

After seeing Catching Fire for the first time yesterday, I must say I was thoroughly impressed! I found that Catching fire far exceeded the original Hunger Games for numerous reasons.

If you have read the books, you will know that Catching Fire is the best, followed by the hunger games, with a very disappointing ending to the saga, 'Mocking Jay'.

Catching Fire is the most accurate Novel - Based film I have ever personally seen. Whilst watching the film, I felt as if I had almost seen it before, as it was so close to the book! The only thing I would have liked to have seen in the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, is the fact that one of the main characters Peeta has a false leg, due to his severe injury in The Hunger Games.

Catching Fire was far more exciting, as it got straight to the point. I found that the original Hunger Games film took far too long for them to actually get into the arena, whilst focusing more on the journey.

The only thing that I would like to have seen different about Catching Fire was the ending. Yes, the film stayed very true to the book for the ending, but I personally hate films that just randomly end. Perhaps the film should have been altered slightly so that we see the ruins of district 12, so we can look forward to the release of Mocking Jay, instead of just being really annoyed at the bad end!

Considering that the 3rd book was so bad, I will be in no immediate rush to see the Mocking Jay films, (they are breaking it into 2 parts to make more money) but feel I now have to so I can find out what happens!

Feel free to give your opinion on the films / books and the ending in the comments below!


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