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Yes we have all gone to the theater to watch our favorite games turned into movies, and most of the time we have left with our heads held low in shame. With a few exceptions in my opinion (Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and a select others) most movie adaptations of our favorite games are more than awful. We all know it as a rule video game movies suck. But why is that? Is it that the film makers did not stay true to the game? No. It usually comes down to trying to make a story based film out of action games with no real story to begin with. Well here is my list of story driven games that could make decent, if not great films.

5. Splaterhouse

While it's not the most in depth story line this game has had a recent reboot from it's earlier 16 bit days and revolves around a man that is trying to save his girlfriend from an evil professor that is intent on sacrificing her. After "killing" the main character he is given a chance at revenge and the hope of saving Jen. He does this by dawning an ancient bone mask that is possessed by an evil entity that grants him insane powers and strength that is used to pummel the hordes of enemies that crawl out of hell to stop him. An obvious horror film that would have to have a hard R rating, this game could make for a bloody good time at the cinema.

4. Summoner

This tale tells of a young man born with a mark that has drawn the attention of forces that wish to stop a foretold prophecy of a Summoner that will be the fall of his tyrannical kingdom. With the help of old friends and new allies the Summoner treks across the world searching for powerful rings that grant him the power to summon new and powerful creatures to fight at his side. With twist and betrayal at every turn there is no way to know who to trust. Set in a fantasy style world of magic and swords I think this game that took well over 80 hours of my life could be a nice change to anyone else that is sick of Lord of the Ring.

3. Fallout (3)

After the fall of modern society in a nuclear apocalypse the story of Fallout is wide open just like the game play. In an open world environment set in the Washington DC wasteland full of bandits, mutants and factions of all kinds there is plenty to see and do. Following the story of a child born and raised inside a Vault built to survive and only to be opened 100 years after the bombs have dropped. This game would allow a film maker to take the story in any direction they choose while pulling from the back story and social structure.

2. Metal Gear Solid

This game was the single reason I bought the original PlayStation. With a strong hero in Solid Snake, and a rich vibrant world with a story of espionage, covert ops, and a Nuclear equipped bipedal walking tank. This story revolves around Snake trying to infiltrate a hijacked nuclear storage facility that is actually a cover for a secret weapons development of the battle tank Metal Gear. With tie that go back to the cold war or ahead into the future with what could be possible with nanotechnology and programmable viruses. This franchise is ripe with story that could be a great film.

1. Legacy of Kain

A man die's, that is usually the end of the story, but for Kain death is just the beginning. Resurrected by a necromancer as a vampire to gain vengeance on his murderers, only to find they are just the tools of a much larger plot. Connected to a structure of pillars that hold the world together Kain sets off on a mission to free the pillars from the corruption of their current guardians that have gone mad so that new ones can be chosen in their place to help heal the world. With a great mythology built around it, this story spans centuries and dimensions above and beyond the normal. When Kain sacrifices his first lieutenant Raziel, the servant returns to avenge his own destruction at the hands of Kain. Full of twists and turns that will have your brain hurting when you stop to fully grasp the depth of story.

Well that's it, my list of the best story based games that could be made into great films. What do you think, is there any I missed, or that you would add?


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