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Let's just get right into it: I support Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for the following reasons:

1. She Can Put On The Needed Muscle:

"I don't want a skinny Wonder Woman"

"She's way too skinny for an Amazon"

I'm pretty sure Gadot and the studio know Wonder Woman's stature and the fact that the height isn't (and shouldn't) be a problem. Godot will have a section of her contract requiring her to be in the the gym to at least give off the appearance she's been toning up; it's common practice for these roles. You're being silly if you think we're going to see "Gisele from F&F" in the WW costume.

Also remember Christian Bale? Who had to bulk up after the Machinist to play Batman in Batman Begins? I'll remind you:

Maybe Gadot's process wouldn't need to be this drastic, and men can pack on muscle faster than women but at the end of the day Gadot/Snyder & co. know what it takes to make WW come to life. But judging on her performance of the character BEFORE she gets into character ie: reading scripts, screen tests, getting in the just plain silly to speculate.

2. She's not MY Wonder Woman

The 3 most major incarnations we have to judge on what Wonder Woman "is" is Linda Carter's live-action portrayal, the animated series and the comics. One of them is ANIMATED! If you're saying Gadot doesn't fit what you think WW should be ex: (huge breasts, muscular, brunette, American, Gina Carano) that's silly because think of it this way, who knows if Gadot's WW could be the incarnation we're waiting for (in some ways, it is). That's like judging Michael Keaton's Batman saying it doesn't fit Adam West's style (a.k.a "What I want" for Batman) just because that's the Batman they know. It sounds very close-minded. Give it time, these are professionals. Gadot has the capability to fit in the role physically and acting-wise.

3. You really think she's going to be a main character in MOS2?

To the best of my knowledge, WW is just a small role leaning towards cameo; Snyder stated it's a "Superman movie." Don't let the popularity of the character in someone else's movie make you think "CROWDED! RUSHED! MARVEL IS FOREVER BETTER, MOS2 IS NOT GETTING MY MONEY!" Because quite frankly, you know deep down that's not the case.

Gal Gadot's casting has been met with controversy with people asking, "Why cant we just give WW her own standalone THEN put her in JL?" I compare this to frying fish:

When the batter is on the fish, you dip it in the oil only a 1/3 of the way in to make sure the batter (WW) sticks to the fish (fans/viewers) making sure it doesn't fall apart (horrible reaction).

Then once the batter (WW) appears to hold on (positive reaction), you can drop the whole fish in the oil and let it fry away (standalone) until it's fully-cooked (Justice League)

That's how I see that situation.

4. We got 2 different Batmans with Burton/Nolan. We're going to get a much different WW in Snyder's adaptation (regardless of screen time)

From Linda Carter's All-American girl style WW to Injustice's Superman-like WW. There have been a few incarnations of the beloved character.

In my opinion, we're going to get a much more exotic, sleek, magical, but still powerful tough-as-nails WW. Whether it's in the small cameo or we get to see it in a standalone, WW will be different than any WW we've ever seen before and I feel we can all agree on that, judge the take for what it's worth not for what you want it to be.

5. Gina Carano was the PERFECT choice!!

Perfect example of "looks can be deceiving" Yes she has the build of a WW...but that's it. Gina Carano is NOT AN ACTRESS. That's like having Scott Adkins as Batman. Or a 5 star highly touted football player with very low grades. It looks good in some categories, but you need the full package. Gadot has the look of a WW before any "movie magic" has been applied, once she gets with the trainer and the costume and all that jazz, she'll look better as a Wonder Woman than Carano would 100%.

I find it silly people try to downplay Gadot's acting chops to make it seem like Carano can act just as good or even better than Gadot. I laugh at those comments because Carano is not an ACTRESS. The Rock improved overtime and I'm sure Carano can too but as of RIGHT NOW, Gadot is the better actress.

When it comes to movie casting, in my opinion, well-roundedness is key. You have to wow the casting people with not just what's on the outside but your actual skill to make them believe WW is in the same room as them.

Gadot got the role for a reason, she'll have to show us why in 2015.

Still skeptical? I got you:

This photo was made a YEAR before she was cast. You're LYING if you say she doesn't look the part. This is all before she bulks up as well.

Gal Gadot is going to be just fine.


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