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Greg E Washington

Talks about there being a Tomb Raider reboot have been circling the mill for some time now. The talks have become deeper conversation since the release of the new game for Playstation 3 earlier this year. Fans want to see Lara done again just as they were able to experience her in the game that was released in April. Telling Lady Croft's origin story would pave the way and open up the story to go in any direction.

Lara Croft goes on numerous adventures around the globe retrieving deadly and highly regarded artifacts that many men would dare not set after. Most villains let Lara do all the dirty work and then steal from her, which only sets Lara on a path of revenge. You steal from her, you better believe she's going to steal it back, with interest [that interest often times being your life].

The game series itself has a trilogy that was set up in the first game that was released in the late nineties for the first Playstation gaming system, and then continued on in the games Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Underworld which wrapped up the story. The story that followed the story of Lara's mother's disappearance, the discovery of some ancient artifacts which then propel Lara into a dark world where she must retrieve the gauntlets, belt and hammer of Thor which she must use to defeat the fiendish god Hel.

This would then open the franchise to four movies. Tell her origin story and then follow this incredible journey which spans across years of Lara's life as she continually tries to uncover just what happened to her mother. Or, the new movies could follow untold adventures of Lara Croft just as the first two movies starring Angelina Jolie did in the early 2000's. Who knows what the plot will be as of now, but it should be a strong story, and the films should undoubtedly start with the telling of how Lara became the heroine she is today.

The question I'm sure is on everyone's lips is, "Who will play Lara Croft?" Let's face it, Angelina Jolie did her time as Lady Croft. As of now, she is too old to play a young Lara in a reboot of the films, therefore she is out. Actress Rhona Mitra (Doomed, Underworld Rise of the Lycans) is a former Lara Croft model, and she would also be stunning to watch as the archaeologist, however, she is too old as well. So, let's look at some of today's talent.

Rumor had it that writers and casting agents were looking to Meagan Fox to play Lara Croft. Fans immediately said no to that idea. Many names got thrown around as to who could play Lara, but everyone was thinking in the spectrum of a much more mature, already well established tomb raider when bringing up some astonishingly beautiful women to play the lead. That's when I decided to start playing with one particular name in the subject: Jennifer Lawrence.

After watching Lawrence's performance in The Hunger Games and seeing her with that bow in her hands, it became obvious to me that she would be absolutely perfect to play a young Lady Croft. She has the look, the physicality, as well as the raw, sheer talent as an actress to capture just what it means to be Lara Croft.

Then I saw You're Next. Sharni Vinson, who plays Erin in the film, immediately got my attention. She has the talent and the look of a young Lara Croft. Because of how "bad ass" her character is in the film, she radiates with fierceness and gives fans that sense of vulnerability, but not so much so that we lose sight of it being Lara Croft.

Here we are, with two actresses who could potentially draw in many new fans by wearing the face of the heroine, but two actresses who on their own, based from past work, embody Lady Croft. So who should get the role: Lawrence or Vinson? Or should it be someone new--an unknown-- a fresh face?

There is much depth to the character of Lara Croft, so when the casting decision is made, it must be made with that in mind. Not just who looks like her, but who can embody the character that fans all across the globe will be aching to see brought to life on the big screen. Will this person be "playing" Lara Croft, or will she BE Lara Croft?

So, I pose this question to you fans: Who do you think should play Lara, Lawrence or Vinson? Or do you think there is someone out there who is better fitted for the role. Leave your comments and ideas about who should play her and what you think a good plot for the upcoming movie(s) should be.


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